5 Self Promotion Tips That Will Help You Get a Job!

By Florence Lewis

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Competition for jobs is fierce. To get the job you desire, one element to consider is self-promotion. For many introverts this can be a problem; they have a hard time landing a job due to their nature. Everyone needs to understand the fact that self promotion today is key to successfully acquiring a job; and therefore to practice self promotion regularly and consistently.

Below are a few Tips to get you started.

1.Be Real and Relevant
To be real and relevant are the most important aspects of self-promotion. Do not boast of abilities that you do not possess or inflate the ones that you do beyond what you are able to accomplish. You also need to be aware of your audience and gear what you discuss towards relevant topics. You should not complain continuously or drone on and on about a topic.  You are in a discussion and need to appear professional.

2.Build an Online Image
If you want to self promote yourself, you need to build an online image. This is really needed to get the right job at the right time. Various tools are available online to help you build a portfolio or you can hire someone to help. Tools, like WordPress, are quite good and many people have used them and succeeded. By building an online profile, people will know you more and get in touch with you easily.

3.Blog about Something
Blogging is the best way to self-promote and receive good returns. There are many people who blog regularly and get a response from their audience. Recruiters admire this and can get to know the details of the candidates. When you allow people to enter your circle and read your stuff, it’s a great thing. Indeed, it’s a challenge which can be easily conquered once you routinely do it.

4.Confess Your Failures
Failures are a part of life and if you are trying to succeed, you have met with failure somewhere along the way. When you confess about your failures, you are at the top of the world and it’s a great sign of leadership. Leaders don’t regret for their failures, instead they are happy about them.  They have learned through the hardships. Thus if you have confessed your failure, you are the winner and not the loser. Admit them, you are not making a mistake and will benefit in the long run.

5. Share Your Abilities
Sharing your lessons can help you to get a job quickly. It’s the best way of self-promotion one can choose. When you share your abilities, you relay your potential, ambition and achievements. Recruiters fall for people who are passionate about their work and who are ready to share what they have done and learned. Many people like to keep their accomplishments and abilities to themselves making it hard for someone charged with hiring an employee. Thus it’s better to share your abilities and accomplishments and let others know about them.

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Image Courtesy : Rafael Matsunaga


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