5 Unorthodox Tips to Score That Job You Desire

By Anshuman kukreti

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There might be a zillion career advisors ranting on like a broken record and telling you about things that are no more the ‘secrets to secure a job’. Not to say that the basics don’t work anymore, but hasn’t it always been about going beyond the expected?

Yes, you might have formatted your resume in the most efficacious way, gone for a smart professional attire, researched about the company and sent a thank you note to your potential employer.


But, do you think that alone would suffice?

No doubt these are rudimentary, but the aforementioned tips have become highly assumed. They’re expected to a point that following them doesn’t make you stand out of the crowd anymore.

Mentioned below are 5 unorthodox tips that’ll make it easier to hit the bull’s-eye. You might get amused, but going through them carefully would really help. So without further ado, let the countdown begin!


5) Virtual Resumes Are So In!

Creating your resume on a Word doc or LinkedIn might be the way people go about it usually. However, to make yourself look on top of your game, buying a domain is just the right way to go about it. Sites like GoDaddy.com or Bigrock.com prove quite helpful with the same. Moreover, websites like Weebly.com and Webs.com might prove handy for web-hosting purposes, with no hassle of coding whatsoever. Craft your website with your resume, portfolio and maybe even a personal blog. You’ll be surprised the way it works.


4) Hanging Out In The Right Places

You might not be the one of those, who believe in the stroke of serendipity, but being strategic about your free time sure does boost your chances of getting employed. Instead of sipping that cup of Cappuccino in some coffee shop, heading to an upscale hotel will do the drill for you. Being at such places, you might just bump into business travelers and conference attendees. Again, it’s all a game of luck and probability. So, you never know what you may end up securing.


3) Keep Your Mails as Concise As Possible

A lot of employers have the habit of scanning through emails , rather than going through them thoroughly. Although, details are important, but being crisp and brief while writing a communication mail is the most enticing way you can approach. Nipping the point in the bud straight away, shows that you have a clear state of mind. If nothing, this would make you shine under the radar of the recruiter.


2) Show some Fortitude While Using Social Media

You’re active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and every other social networking website and might even be using it to hunt recruiters and hiring managers. However, you’ve got to put some moxie throughout this process. Every company has its profile being handled by social media professionals to engage with potential clients and for efficient talent acquisition as well. Exploit this willingness and strike up a conversation for your own benefit. Post replies, ask frequent questions and make worthwhile suggestions. Demonstrating the fact that you genuinely care about the company and are interested in contributing to its growth, might make it easier for you to build a relationship. Rest to follow is a cliché, nevertheless you’re genius enough to ace it.


1) Make A Quick Reply

With smartphones and all the technology at your disposal, there’s no reason left for you to not reply to mails promptly.  Taking days to respond to a mail from the employer, would only hamper your image, if not costing you the job-opening you’ve pursued so long. It’ll clearly show that you are not eager to get hired. However, replying within an hour shows that you’re enthusiastic enough and on your game.

Long gone are those days when job-hunt used to be about writing exams, making a portfolio and answering questions nervously in a dark room with the spot light on you. This era demands something different, something out of the box. Hence, with these handful of unconventional ways, shake up your job search and lead yourself towards success. Best of Luck!


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