8 Signs You Love Your Job

By Olga Tretyak

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Do you like your job? It seems like a simple question. We decided to go deeper and defined 8 signs that can help you see whether you are in the right place career wise.

We are so used to complain about our jobs that it is hard to say whether there are people in the world that actually like what they do. Well, of course, there are. These people usually do their thing and don’t say much about it.

It is well known that the best job is doing what you are interested in. You should forget about the time and enjoy what you do. How can you know that you’ve found the right job? It is not always that obvious as you may think. Here are some signs that may help you.   

You don’t have a lot of free time and you like it

A constant flow of new tasks doesn’t annoy you. Otherwise, you feel like the job is done on its own. Hemingway had to stop writing although he had more ideas. He just wanted to have something to write the next day. The same is with you. You always have a task list for the next day and you like it.

You see the results of your work

The feeling that your work is of use to someone is the best reward there can be. Although the work can be hard sometimes, the thought that it can make the world a little bit better and people’s lives a bit easier can make you feel great.

You try to become better

If you really like your job, you will always look for the ways to become better at it. You won’t regret spending time on seminars, self-education, tips from more experienced people, etc. If learning something new about your profession seems boring to you, you probably should think of changing your work position.

You talk about work in your free time

You cannot stop talking about your job even if it is hard. Know the limits, though. Not all the people are as lucky as you and they probably don’t want     to talk about work in their free time.

You feel that the day has only started although it’s a lunch break already

Forget about this one if your working day actually begins at 1.00 pm. But you know what I mean. You finish a couple of small tasks, answer a couple of letters and you are ready for the serious stuff. But you suddenly notice that it’s lunchtime already. Where did the mourning go? If you know this feeling, you are in the right place.

You are inspired by the people around you

You admire the tasks that your colleagues take and you are always ready to help. You like your team and your colleagues inspire you. Usually, when we feel good, we see good things in other people. That’s why if you admire people around, you probably love your job.

Everything in your life is connected to your job

You like your job and see nothing wrong in thinking about it in your free time. You solve problems, think of new ideas and tasks. And you often do that outside the office! Are you a workaholic? Maybe. But is it a bad thing if you really love it?

You are not afraid of Mondays 

For people who hate their jobs Monday is like hell. They cannot wait for it to end. Look for a job that will make you wake up with a smile in the mornings. Think about it, why should you spend 40 hour per week on things you don’t like? 


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