Accomplish Your Life Goals In 3 Easy Steps

By Quintin Ford

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Setting goals is an essential part of success, especially if you're in a sales driven role like recruiting. But how should you be setting your goals in terms of day to day activity? In this article, I have broken down goals into three parts, Accomplishment Goals, Activity Goals & Plan of action. By breaking down your goals into these three parts you will be able to take a realistic daily approach to accomplishing your goals with confidence and certainty. 


1) Accomplishment Goals

Whether you're just starting out or you're already deep into your career, you'll need to have accomplishment goals, and these will vary depending on what stage of life you're in. Accomplishment goals are bigger goals that you set for the long-term. These goals could be things like, make 1 million a year, own a 5 million dollar house, have 5 kids in private school, drive a Bently and Ferrari, own a vacation home, belong to a golf club etc. The point is that these are going to take a while to accomplish. These goals are in essence your dreams and ultimate desires. With goal setting, you can paint a picture of your dream life and then create a plan to achieve those goals and bring your dream life into reality. 


2) Activity Goals

The first step of goals setting is painting a picture of your ideal life and listing out some lofty long-term life goals. The second part of goal setting is understanding what action or activity it will take in order to accomplish your long term goals. For example, you might want to make 1 million dollars a year in your recruiting job. What activity is required for you to reach your goal of 1 million dollars a year? Let's do a quick breakdown of what your activity goals might look like as a recruiter. Let's say that you place an average of 3 candidates each month with an average commission of $5000 per candidate.  You're currently making $15,000 in commissions every month so you're making around $180,000 a year. If you want to make 1 million a year, you must make about 17 placements a month. Now it's your job to figure out how much activity it's going to take in terms of phone calls, emails, new clients, candidate interviews, networking events, etc. to generate 17 placements a month.

Break it all the way down and face the reality of how much activity is actually required and don't let it scare you. In my first year of recruiting my activity goals required that I reach out to 800 people a day via calls or emails or social media or networking events or speaking engagements. Figuring out how you can hit your activity goals is where your action plan comes in. 


3) Plan Of Action

As I mentioned above in my first recruiting job my activity goals required that I reach out to 800 prospects every day, which is impossible right. I could barely make 200 calls a day. But, it get's worse. There is a goal setting theory that says, whatever your activity goals are, multiply them by 10! Apparently, that's the real amount of activity required to hit your goals. That would leave me with 8000 outreaches every day! Now, that's impossible, right? No, it's not, you just have to get creative with your action plan. Really think about what it will take to reach 8000 people a day and think about the opportunities you have to do so.

Here is a quick list to get your creative juices flowing. Individual emails, individual phone calls, networking events, speaking engagements, talking to people in the lunch line, building a social media presence, bulk emailing a list of people, handing out contact information everywhere you go, mailing letters, outsourcing marketing, outsourcing calling, reaching people through blog posts and gaining web traffic. The point is, reaching 8000 people a day isn't really a crazy idea, in theory, it's not that hard, especially with things like social media or outsourcing. So get creative, be determined to find a way to hit your activity goals and create a solid plan of action to do so. 


Confidently Reach Your Goals

By painting a picture of your ideal life and being very specific about the things you want, you'll have a great starting point for developing your goals. Having a clear picture of your ideal life allows you to break down your accomplishment goals in terms of the activity it will take to achieve those larger goals. Having a clear idea of your activity goals will set the foundation for your plan of action. Your plan of action will help you stay organized and focused on completing your activity goals. Your plan of action will also give you the confidence and certainty required to follow through with your activity goals and eventually reach your accomplishment goals. Completing all three steps of this process will bring you closer to the life you've always imagined. So set your goals high, break everything down in terms of activity, develop a plan and get started on your new life today. 


This article was written by Quintin Ford, a recruitment entrepreneur located in Playa Vista, CA. Quintin is the Founder of OCEAN | STREET  & Co-Founder at knw agency, avid blogger and social media guru. Learn more about Quintin on LinkedIn.  - To attend any workshops, speeches or amazing events please check out


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