Building Your Brand on LinkedIn

By Tony Restell

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Building Your Brand on LinkedInBuilding your brand on LinkedIn isn’t that different to building it on any other social network. There are of course nuances and differences, but the fundamentals are the same. So I was intrigued to read LinkedIn’s 20 Tips to Amplify Your Brand on LinkedIn and thought the presentation was worthy of sharing with you here. 5 tips highlighted as being amongst the most important are as follows, my thoughts added to each – hope the ideas prove helpful to you as you build both your personal and recruiting brands on LinkedIn:

Building Your Brand: Demonstrate value to followers and results will follow

Whether we’re talking about an individual LinkedIn profile or your Company Page, you should strive to provide value and insights to your target audience. This should be achieved through a consistent posting strategy that prioritises the sharing of what’s most valuable to your target audience over what your company would most like them to be aware of. Keep company messages to a minority of your posts and they’ll actually generate a lot of interest if the rest of your updates have followers glued to what you have to say!

Building Your Brand: Leverage existing content streams

One of the hardest things in building a strong presence on any social network is sustaining a consistent stream of content that your followers will consider highly valuable, that hasn’t all been sourced from your own company (else this looks like a promotional stream). The low effort approach of auto-posting everything you’ve put on another social channel straight onto LinkedIn is also much less effective. Each social platform has its own conversational style – so what you choose to share and how you choose to share it will differ considerably from say Facebook to LinkedIn. But you should cross-pollenate your LinkedIn updates with the content you’ve found to be generating the greatest interest and engagement on other channels, not have a separate workstream of content generation for each social channel you’re active on.

Building Your Brand: Connect LinkedIn into your wider online presence

The part that often catches businesses out on social media is not doing enough to get their profiles noticed. It’s all well and good having a great social profile crammed with helpful updates. But what if your target audience never become aware of its existence?! That’s why you should use your various social profiles to generate interest and awareness in your other profiles – and always be looking out for ways to raise awareness of these on your website, guest blog contributions, email newsletters and the like.

Building Your Brand: Engage your team on LinkedIn

This ties in to the above point. The more of your staff include their company on their LinkedIn profile, the broader the network of people likely to become aware of your Company Page. Better still, if you can have your staff actively sharing updates put out via your Company Page then you can multiply the reach of your efforts very considerably.

Building Your Brand: Engage in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is no different to other platforms. If you engage in Tweetchats, Google+ Communities, Facebook Groups or LinkedIn Groups, you can significantly increase the reach of your brand with your target audience. Carefully select groups that both fit your target audience profile and that seem to have good levels of engagement. Then focus on providing value to those group members, sharing company updates sparingly. You’ll then build new followings of people who value the insights you share – and who will be looking out for your updates at the point at which you do have a company message to share.

Here’s the presentation in full. If you’ve any observations please do leave in the comments field below

20 Tips to Amplify Your Brand on LinkedIn from LinkedIn for Small Business


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