Four Tips for Applying for a Job in the Same Company

By Career Savvy

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When going for a role within your existing company, there is to some extent, a different set of rules. Whether it’s a higher role or a lateral move to a different department, being an existing employee gives you a great advantage. However, you should still be sure to create a great, impressive application that will impress. Here are some pointers on how to do so.


Work History

This company have already looked into your work history and made the decision to employ you. This therefore shifts the focus of the application to the work you’ve been doing since you joined the company. A good approach to take is a skills based one, where you extrapolate the skills you have demonstrated in certain contexts during your time in the company. Break them down into relevant categories, such as leadership and management, problem solving etc. - prioritising ones that will be most suitable to the new role.



You have the benefit that most jobseekers don’t of knowing the company you work for and being able to look into the way the recruitment process is done. There are lots of things you should find out first, such as whether the vacancy is open or only being offered internally, who is reviewing the applications and how they are usually reviewed. Your insider knowledge should help you to ascertain what a good candidate needs to possess and then create your application with this in mind. You should also be able to find out a lot more about what the role requires, who you would be working with and what the main tasks would be. Utilise your insider position!



Along a similar vein, you should also be familiar with the way your company measures performance. They may have specific competencies which are assessed in candidates and employees across the board, in which case you should use these s a guide for your application, making sure everything is present. If your company’s procedure for measuring performance is a less formal, then you should still be ensuring that your performance at the company so far has been good by offering evidence in your application. Include any awards or recognition you have gained, as well as successful projects you have worked on. Evidencing your points is always crucial.


Be Keen

Show an active interest in the vacancy by chatting to the relevant persons about it, check they have received your application and ask them for pointers. However, don’t over-egg it. Being overly nice to the recruiter will make it obvious that you’re trying to get in cahoots with them and better you chances of getting the job. Likewise, if you nag and continuously ask about how filling the role is going you will put the recruiter off. Be enthusiastic and proactive but professional, remaining confident about your application.


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