How Much is Your CV Worth?

By Andrew Fennell

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Did you know that a doctor’s CV is worth £395,000? Or that a barrister’s CV is worth £450,000?

Your CV is one of the most valuable documents you will ever write, but how much is it actually worth to you financially?

This helpful infographic from StandOut CV uses average UK salary statistics from Reed and multiplies them by the average amount of time you are likely to stay in your next job (4.6 years according to the BSL) to determine the monetary value of your CV.

Look up your industry and experience level in the infographic below to learn the potential income that your CV could unlock through your next move up the career ladder.

If you want to ensure that you squeeze every last drop of value from your own CV, then make sure that you update it with all of your most recent skills and knowledge, whilst making sure that your most relevant qualities are clearly highlighted in a clean and easy-to-read structure.

How much is your CV worth

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