How Social Media Could Help You Sell Your Home

By Sam Butterworth

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90% of property searches start online. Property portals sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla are currently dominating the current market. But what about social media?

Social Media could prove a key tool in directing people towards these portals. Driving traffic towards the portals from mega-sites such a Facebook, Twitter and Youtube could massively increase the interest in the property, therefore, increasing the maximum potential profit you could earn from your sale.

Let’s take a look at how social media could help you sell your home….


Facebook can be a great place to showcase all the wonderful things about your home. You can share pictures of your house and garden and the surrounding areas with plenty of space for written explanations with links to the property portal built in.


Microsites are starting to become really popular for birthday and wedding information. Creating a microsite for the sole purpose of selling your home could potentially generate more interest in your property. Because the homeowner has created the site you could include your telephone number for direct access and personalise the look of the website to suit the style of your house.


Over one hundred million people check their Instagram multiple times a day. Moving home doesn't have to be stressful and Instagram could be a fun way to show off your property. Create a page for your home where you can post daily pictures of your home looking stunning in different weather conditions. Links to the portal page can be set up in the bio section of your home screen.


You can use YouTube to share pictures or videos of your home in a dynamic way. Music playing over the photos could create a special kind of atmosphere to showcase your home in its best light. Google owns the video site which is the biggest search engine in the world which means you could potentially increase traffic to your portal.

Create A Blog

In addition to the very visual sites mentioned above, a blog would be a great way to describe your home and inform people of what it’s like to live where you live.  There are lots of property blogs out there with lots of readers which you can explore before writing your own.


Pinterest is a lovely looking site with stunning photographs about nearly anything you can think of. The aim is to create mood boards which you can update all the time. For example, if you live a rural area you can post images of local walks, pubs and things to do along with pictures of your home. This creates a really nice sense of where you live and gives viewers an insight into the area looking at its best.


Using Twitter to sell your home would be a version of cold calling. Not everyone's cup of tea but it could send a lot of traffic to your portal site. Write several scripts and send them to potential buyers. This is about reaching out to people so regular tweets with relevant hashtags would be important.

So there are some ideas for you on social media. Although social media is lagging behind a little in the property selling market it could prove an untapped market for you to drive up the maximum sales profit of your home.

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