How To Ace Your GMAT Exams - For Prospective MBA Students

By Tony Restell

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In fields such as Finance and Consulting, an MBA from a top business school opens doors and career options like nothing else. But how do you get yourself into the most prestigious MBA schools, those that can really have a huge impact on your career?

Your previous academic record and your professional experience to date will both be factors in determining which business schools will accept your application. But the score you achieve in your GMAT exams will also be a significant factor in securing an admissions offer from  a top business school.

That's why I wanted to share this infographic tackling the format of the GMAT exams and how to effectively prepare for them. I hope it helps you to plan out your study regime in the run up to taking your GMAT. Good luck!

How To Ace Your GMAT Exams - For Prospective MBA Students



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