How to Make a Career Change to a Job You Love

By Kiana Mason

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Do you feel stuck in a job that you aren’t passionate about? If so, you aren’t alone. Recent studies have shown that 55% of Americans have jobs they’re unsatisfied with and 78% of the workforce is open to new career opportunities. 

Making the decision to make a career change is never an easy one. There are many things to consider, all the way from financial security to self-doubt that you have what it takes to change jobs at this time in your life. Use these tips to help you make the career move you’ve been dreaming of.

Evaluate Your Current Career

Before making a career move, take some time to evaluate your current job. It’s important that you have a clear understanding of your reality now and what you’re looking for in your dream job. Ask yourself the following:

1. What are the things about your current job you don’t like?

Maybe you’re feeling burnout and a lack of passion for what you do. Or perhaps there’s no room for advancement or a pay increase no matter how hard you work. What are the negative points about your job?

2. Define your passions and skills

What skills do you use in your current job that you can transfer to a new career? You may be surprised that you have many abilities and skills that can be used in other job fields.

3. What are you looking for in a new career?

You’ve identified what you don’t like about your current job – what are you looking for in a new one? Do you want to be your own boss and make your own hours? Is more pay with fewer hours worked important to you? What about your happiness and health? What are you passionate about that can be transferred to a new job?

Research Your Dream Career

Don’t just dream about the career you want – do the research to start making it a reality. Ask yourself the following questions as you get ready to make a career move:

How popular is your desired job?

If the career you’ve been dreaming about is part of a saturated job market, you’ll need to be prepared to enter the competition. Research for job saturation and find out where jobs are most available.

Is it time to go back to school?

Find out what education and skills you need to be hired in your desired career. If you’re lacking in any qualifications find out how and where you can get these skills.

Do you need to relocate?

There are cities and areas of the country where some jobs are more in demand than others. Research which cities are best for your career and decide if you’re ready to make a move.

Identify Barriers and Obstacles

Making a change in your career often means facing numerous barriers and obstacles. Identify these obstacles so you have a clear understanding of the challenges:

  • Starting over – It can be frightening and intimidating to start your career over again. If you’ve invested a lot of time in your current job, the thought of a new career can be filled with insecurities and self-doubt. Break down your goals into manageable sections to help you sort through how to get started.
  • Worrying about qualifications – If you think you don’t have the right qualifications to do a different job you may be holding yourself back.
  • Financial concerns – It’s natural to be concerned about your finances. Starting over in a new career may mean taking a cut in pay as you get yourself established.
  • Lack of guidance – In most jobs, we build a network of mentors and peers with whom we network and connect with. Without that guidance, it can be difficult to move into a new job.
  • Fear of deciding – Many people spend a long time thinking about a new career but never acting on it. The fear of making a decision can be one of the biggest obstacles for most people.

Breaking Down Those Obstacles

Once you’ve identified the obstacles that are standing in your way you can take steps to overcome these barriers.

Put your happiness and health first

If you’re slowly climbing up the ladder of your career and realize it’s not the career path you want, stop making the climb. There’s no point in investing time and energy advancing in a job that’s not making you happy and that may be affecting your health.

Write down all your abilities and skills

When aware of all your skills and the qualities you need to make a job change, it becomes easier to find common points in your new career path and make your experience work for you.

Come up with a plan

Get the advice of a financial expert to help you come up with a plan to tackle the money logistics that are holding you back.

Build networks

Through social media platforms and real-life meet-ups, you can connect to a network that’s there to support you in your job change. Use these connections to give you the incentive and confidence boost you need to change careers.

Talk to family and friends

Sometimes all it takes is the support of your own family and close friends to give you the final push to quit a job you dislike and do something you’re passionate about.

Ready to make a career change that is going to make you happy and healthier? Check out the visual below for career change tips and advice on overcoming those challenges and obstacles that are holding you back.

career restart visual


Kiana is a content creator with a passion for writing and all things creative. She loves exploring a diverse collection of topics including business, marketing, cybersecurity and everything in between! Check out a recent piece about career restarts that she helped create for ForSaleByOwner. When she’s not writing you can find her traveling, going for runs along the San Diego coastline and performing music.

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