How to Research a Company for an Interview

By Inspiring Interns

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When preparing for a job interview, it’s important to gather information about the role and the company. There will always be a few questions you need to ask, but going in with a good amount of knowledge is beneficial.

Take a look at our helpful research tips and you’re guaranteed a head start.

Find out who will be interviewing you

Chances are, you’ll have been told the name of the person who will be interviewing you once your slot has been confirmed (if not, ask!). It’s best to know exactly who you’re meeting when you arrive at the location, and it can speed along the process of getting into a building from the front desk.

Once you know who you will be speaking to then it’s time to start Googling. Find out what their job role is, how they got there and where they’ve worked before. Did they come straight into this role from another company, did they work their way up, or did they enter from a completely different job role?

Not only is this a good way of getting to know the role, but it can also give you an indication of opportunities for progression within your chosen field.


Look to LinkedIn

Not only is LinkedIn a great platform for advertising your skills to future employers, but it’s also a great place to start researching potential employers and colleagues. If you’re connected to a number of recruitment sites, there’s a good chance you will have mutual connections with people already working for the company. If this is the case, reach out to them and ask for insiders perspective.

If you don’t have connections to allow you to communicate with people, looking at their profiles is the next best thing. As with the person who will be interviewing you, take a look at the profiles of people working for the company to see what their job entails. Any background information about the position is going to help, so find out what they did before starting at their current role, or see where former employees progressed.


Go back to school

One of the benefits of being a graduate is that you’ve had time to spend connecting and interacting with lecturers and students with the same interests. You may have left school or university a few months or even years ago, but don’t be afraid to reach out for some advice.

Those who taught you at degree level may have worked their way up from a similar path before working in education, and so may have experience in the very roles you are applying for. If they don’t, they may know a knew lecturer or colleagues that did. The same principle applies to your former peers who may already be working for the organisation you are interviewing for. Never be afraid to revisit old faces when it comes to finding a new job.


Go back to basics

Whilst the role itself is important, don’t forget that you’re interviewing for a position at a specific company, within a specific industry, and will need to have a good amount of information about the organisation as a whole. Find out when the company was founded, note any dramatic changes to the organisation or management team, anything that can help you piece together an overview of the company before you begin your interview.

Preparing for an interview doesn’t have to be the same as revising for an exam, you’re not expected to know everything. By simply arming yourself with a small amount of research, you’ll be able to confidently ask any questions your interviewer may have about your knowledge of the company and prospective position.


Jess Howard writes for Inspiring Interns, which specialises in sourcing candidates for internships and graduate jobs.




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