How To Up Your Social Media Skills

By Inspiring Interns

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In today’s world of work, social media is a huge part of a company’s success. But because it’s so relatively new to most people, it can be extremely tricky to get right. Here are seven tips to help keep your social media strategy on the right path.

Get Well Versed In Successful Copywriting

Copywriting is a key feature of social media management. To drive engagement up, not only does your content have to be captivating, but your voice should be engaging, interesting and appropriate. Good copywriting is a skill best learned through practice, so get used to studying other successful copywriting in order to find a formula that works.

Consider Branching Out Into Other Forms Of Content

Today’s world is very visual, and reading words may not be engaging enough anymore. Consider graphics, pictures, videos, or even careful use of memes and jokes to make you feed more appealing and encourage engagement from followers.

Work On Public Speaking

In spite of the fact you may predominantly be working from behind a computer screen, it’s still important to build your confidence in public speaking if you’re working in social media. This is particularly a useful skill in terms of social media outlets like Facebook Live, Instagram Story and Periscope, which are high impact in terms of reach and engagement.

Know Your Audience

It’s well known that a bland and broad social media strategy is far less likely to be successful. Know specifically who you're trying to reach and engage with and make your posts speak more specifically to them. As a social media manager you’ll likely be interacting one-on-one with customers, so skills like verbal empathy and being a good conversationalist are extremely important.

Be Experimental

The world moves very fast nowadays, and sticking to just one strategy on social media is a sure-fire way to look tired and behind the times. Trying new things is essential, and keeping up with internet culture can really help keep your feed fresh and encourage people to come back to it time and time again.

Maintain A Sense Of Humour

It can be easy in such an important position to take the job very seriously. While professionalism is highly valued, social media runs on funniness, so it’s imperative to keep things light and amusing. Not only will it endear your followers to you, it also hugely ups the chances of going viral.

Remain Authentic

There’s nothing worse than inappropriate use of slang and internet in-jokes. It’ll just make you look like you’re trying far too hard. Instead, maintain a tone of voice that feels natural and that you’re comfortable with. People generally dislike fakeness, so being yourself I actually a huge boon to social media management.

Annie Walton Doyle writes for Inspiring Interns, which specialises in sourcing candidates for internships and graduate jobs.

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