Is My Resume too Long? Maybe you should be asking, Is it too Short?

By Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.

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resume writing how long“I was told to keep my resume to one page.” “Is a three page resumes too long?” As a veteran recruiter my answer, a one page resume is usually too short and a three page resume is NOT too long. The key is to have the right information on your resume. In my experience one page resumes do not have enough information to grab my attention or the attention of search engines. If you do not have the key buzz words that we are searching for your resume will not come up in searches on company databases and social media tools such as Linkedin.

Everyone is using search tools to find applicants. To be top of a potential candidate list for a job, the database or social media tool needs to find the key buzz words that we put into our search tool on your resume.

When I am looking for candidates, I search on - industry type, job titles, software and various specifics that a client may require such as; financial modeling, multi-currency, cash management or treasury.

What is the person who has your next job searching for in their database?

Do you have those key words on your resume?

Will you come up in the search?

My recommendation to you the Job Seeker is to be clear on what you are looking for. Know who you want to attract. Then make sure your resume will be picked up by the search engines that will get you on the list of candidates to be called. Some repetition is helpful as social media search tools will put you higher on a list if you have for example - Accountant listed 5 times on your resume verses the resume where Accountant is listed only once. You also need to be careful to use repetition wisely so that your resume still looks professional when we read it. Once our search engine finds you, you still only have 15 seconds to draw the reader in. Be sure to have the most relevant information on the first page and then entice us to read more.

Henry Goldbeck is the President & CEO at Goldbeck Recruiting, a recruitment firm based in Vancouver, BC. You can reach him via @GoldbeckRecruit, Facebook or email at [email protected]

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