Live With Big Scary Dreams That Rattle The Status Quo

By Samer Sweidan

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Why do you do what you do? Do you want to survive, have a nice place to live and drive in a nice car? Do you want a pool, a mansion, a Rolls Royce and the biggest yacht in the most exclusive marina? If that’s your goal then you’re likely going to miss. Not because it’s utterly inconceivable that you could have these things, but because your pursuit for these things will drive you to do things you wouldn’t do if you had all these things.

If your focus is on the result you’ll likely attract and work with those that look for a pay cheque and a snazzy LinkedIn profile. If, however, your focus is on bringing to reality your vision of who you could be, a person who does what they do out of passion and with an eye towards improving lives and moving the human race forward, you will attract the innovators; the people who’ll spill their blood and shed their tears alongside you at every step of the way.

Lead your life with vision, passion, action and an utter disregard for what things are possible. Do what you believe in and never settle. Life is nothing more than a small window of opportunity, an opportunity to be remembered by the generations to come as someone that contributed to his or her good existence and in one way or another inspired innovation, innovation that drove the human race forward.

Let me not fool you, however, with any false notions. There’s no easy way to chase your dreams and there’s no resource that will give you all the answers. Ultimately, if your dream is big enough, it will likely induce a fair degree of suffering as you struggle to overcome challenges, obstacles and answer vague questions. Most will tell you you’re not ready or good enough, and they’ll shoot down your idea or ambition. Good, your ambition is big enough that it threatens those that don’t want you to be bigger, better and more successful than they are, those people prefer the status quo, you prefer big dreams that go against the status quo.

Whether it’s starting a business or getting into the best law school or going for the best positions at the top companies, there will always be the requirement that you fight for your success and give it everything you have. Some teeter on personal bankruptcy and others get rejected as not being good enough. None of that matters, you won’t get judged for failing unless you let it stop you. Accept the fact that you’re a work in progress, an investment that will multiply in value with time and a ton of effort.

But whatever happens, don’t accept any limitations or circumstances and don’t use anything or anyone as an excuse for why you aren’t who you want to be or where you should be. To struggle as a dreamer is far favourable to giving in as a mere follower. And remember, if everyone does what they’re best at, the world becomes a better place.

By: Samer Sweidan

Co-Founder, MockSource

Image credit: Damian Morys Photography


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