New Year, New Job: 5 Tips for Job Searching in 2017

By Beyond

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It’s never a bad time to kick-start your job search, but if you’re looking for a new career opportunity, the New Year is a great time to reset and commit to achieving your goals after the holiday rush. But just like a personal resolution to hit the gym or save more money, your career goals can be hard to achieve and overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin.

Follow these tips while you’re on the job hunt in the New Year to guarantee the most success:

1. Set your “job search” resolutions. The New Year is a chance at a fresh start for most people. While some are vowing to eat better or pick up a new hobby, use this time to create your job search resolutions. The best way to achieve any goal or resolution is to clearly define it. Write your resolutions down on a piece of paper and put them somewhere you’ll see them every day—on your nightstand, taped on the bathroom mirror, hanging on the refrigerator—so your goals will always be top of mind.

2. Refresh your Beyond portfolio. Polish your personal brand in 2017 by cleaning up your profile on Beyond, LinkedIn, and any other career network you’re on. Update your job history, take a new headshot, and add a sharp tagline at the beginning of your profile to highlight your skills and strengths—this is the first thing recruiters will see on your profile.

3. Make a job hunt business card. If you’re already employed, you probably have a box of business cards branded with your current company’s logo. While you could give these cards out while networking, you don’t want potential leads emailing you opportunities on your work email and risk your boss finding out. Use an affordable printing company to create a handful of cards with your personal contact information. Carry them in your wallet to hand out when grabbing coffee with professional acquaintances.

4. Use your alumni network. Most colleges and universities have big alumni networks that host frequent events in cities across the country. Your network will most likely hold an event to kick-off the New Year strong. Even if you graduated twenty years ago, print out copies of your resume and bring your newly minted business cards to hand out to anyone who might be able to assist in your job search. You never know who you might meet!

5. Pick up the phone. The New Year is the perfect excuse to call up old coworkers and mentors to catch up. By January, most people will be back in the office and refreshed from their holiday break. Pick up the phone or send out a few emails asking old contacts to grab coffee. You can be more upfront about your job search with people outside your company, so don’t hesitate to ask them about any potential opportunities.


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