HR Guide: 4 Ways To Boost Team Morale with Strategic Data Integration

By James Fusion

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Everyone complains about Mondays, but Michele’s Monday was good. She came to work recharged and ready to work. And she had a productive day: she checked her voicemail, returned emails, requested a file she needed from Records for an important project, met a friend for lunch, and survived a team meeting that took much longer than it needed to. She left feeling good about her day. Tuesday, the first thing she did was check to see if Records had gotten back to her. Nothing yet so she focused on other work, although she probably spent too long that afternoon trying to decide whether she was being impatient if she followed up on her original request. She decided to be patient. It would probably be there the next day. It wasn’t. By lunch on Wednesday, Michele was checking for the important file every thirty minutes. By the time she left, she had sent a follow-up email and left a voicemail—and left work in a miserable mood, because the five days she had to work on this week-long project had shrunk to two.

Keeping everyone in the loop isn’t always easy, especially in a work scenario. When different teams are functioning on different wavelengths and not everyone has the information that they need, tensions can rise and team morale can dip. As an HR manager, director, or team member, you are in a unique position to create a better, more cooperative work environment through ERP integrated solutions. ERP integration can give your company a leg up on the competition and, with HR involvement, things run smoothly and effectively.

ERP Integration Overview

What is ERP system integration? ERP stands for enterprise resource planning and is a way of staying organized and communicating as a company. Integrated ERP allows for increased transparency within a company as well as shared data. That means that marketing readily has access to facts and figures from the sales team and that accounting can easily share necessary information with HR. ERP integrated solutions give all necessary employees access to all the information that they need to do their job with clear, concise, and correct information. ERP integration also eliminates human error and the bottlenecking of projects that comes when you spend time waiting on another person for important information or data.

How Does HR Play A Role?

The HR department plays an important role in the company in general. Because HR represents the human element and interests of the company, shareholders, and employees, they bring a unique set of eyes to enterprise resource planning and ERP integration. In order to successfully balance the data with what needs to be done with the data, there needs to be consideration for the human elements behind that data. As an HR employee or director, you are trained firsthand and have a unique set of skills that can aid a company as they seek to collect or interpret data. If a company wants to thrive, the human element must always be taken into account when dealing with data. With ERP integration, HR has the opportunity to share their human insights with the rest of the company with the click of a button.

HR and Data Collection

Perhaps you work for a clothing company that needs to know more about what the customers would like to see in a fall line. HR has the opportunity to help write a survey or draft up other information-collecting points to help the company gather the necessary information. Because HR experts have probably been educated about human psychology and sociology, HR brings an added edge to data collection. When you use more effective forms of data collection, and then share that data with the company via ERP integration it keeps everyone on the same page — and when employees are on the same page, things run smoothly and people remain happy.

HR and Data Analysis

The HR department is in a unique position to help their fellow employees interpret the data, and because of the intimate knowledge HR holds of the structure of the company, they can help distribute that interpretation to the rest of the company. Once again, when HR steps in and uses the data integration interpretations along with their knowledge of how the office runs to get the information to the right place, things run smoothly and people are happy.

HR, Data, and Company Morale

There is a practical element to HR and data collection as well. With ERP system integration, you don’t just have to collect big facts and figures and share projects, documents, and files. ERP integrated solutions allow for the collection of employee data like birthdays and time off. Never miss a birthday celebration, company picnic, or scheduled day off with handy tools that help your department keep everything in the same place. The best way to boost employee morale (and in turn employee productivity) is by doing the little things. ERP system integration allows you to share all the necessary information about a company party or holiday off so no one ever misses a memo or an event.

If Your Company Is New to the Game

Above all, the HR department is the heartbeat of a company and an employee’s first line of defense. If your company is new to ERP integration, take charge and lead the way. ERP integrated solutions can give your company an edge, but your department may have to lead the way by teaching employees how to use the software and data. Set yourself up as the office experts and give employees a safe, fun environment to learn in. Employee morale skyrockets when individuals feel like they are seen and heard. You can see and hear your employees and address all ERP questions as you spearhead a project that will propel your company forward in massive strides.

Author Bio

Annabelle Smyth is a freelance writer located in Salt Lake City, Utah. She enjoys writing about leadership, HR, and employee engagement. She has most recently worked with DocInfusion. When not writing and educating herself, you can find her hiking the canyons with her dog and friends.

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