"Passionate"? - Don't make me laugh!

By Martin Ellis

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OK. I admit it. I used to think "passionate" was a good word. It conveys more than "hard-working" or "diligent" and adds "caring" and emotion. If you're "passionate" about something, you're fully absorbed, engaged and enthusiastic. I can remember when, if I saw it on somebody's CV, it added value.

Now, familiarity breeds contempt.

For me, it's the most overused CV word for 2013. Everybody seems "passionate" about their customers, about their service and about their colleagues. Everyone is being swept along in a giant love-in where the world is perfect and we now gaze at each other through lavender-shaded heart-shaped glasses. It's now included in about half the CV's I read - and most websites! (especially recruiters' websites I'm afraid)

Well sorry, it's all cobblers. It over-used. (I'm afraid too many candidates and recruiters are lazy with their language)

Congratulations to the first person who used it. You were original then. Whoever you are, wear your crown with pride, but the rest of you (and especially any CV writer/expert who uses it - and extra-especially any copywriter) you're showing a distinct lack of imagination. You've seen it somewhere, and though "Ooh. I should use that. That will mark me out as different...."

It doesn't. It displays a lack of imagination. If you say you're "passionate" in your CV I no longer believe you. Actually, it's worse than that. You're incapable of original thought. Subtle tones pass you by. You're one of the herd.

And I feel passionate about that...


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