Reminder For Job Seekers: You Can´t Have It All, But You Can Find Equilibrium.

By Kylli Koort

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Starting from the beginning

Starting from an early age, we are raised with the knowledge that we could have it all. When we truly need a candy and are willing to beg, the results will follow. When we need extra time away from our chores we are provided with opportunities. Sometimes it seems that everyday life is like a gamble between good and even better decisions.

But then comes adulthood. The life stage that poses more challenges and obstacles than ever before. Finding the right solution is not remotely as easy as it was before. But we still hear the voice that whispers we could have it all. And when the reality checks in, it is a downward spiral leading to stress and depression.

Do not feel discouraged, but accept the truth

I am not trying to ruin the positive vibe or a good spirit, but the simple fact is - we can not have it all and the quicker we come to an understanding, the better.

The good news is that you do not need to have everything, but you need to find YOUR equilibrium. The overall talk and statistics around work-life balance don't fully capture the complexity of individual employees´ situation. There might be a lot of great articles with tips and tricks that towards a well-balanced life but the truth is that each and every piece of content is tailored to a big audience. But we all know that each persons´ experience is too unique for summarizing.

Where the equilibrium lies

So, how can an equilibrium be found?

My relatively short personal experience has taught that the equilibrium lies in personal values. That is exactly why the work-life balance situation does not fully capture the complexity of individuals, but rather reflects the social norm. In reality, there are no written rules or concrete suggestions that could direct to the right path, since the path becomes evident within certain context.

So, to put it in simple terms, the equilibrium is the opposite of having it all. The equilibrium means that you have acknowledge your situation, set certain goals and are becoming the manager of your different life roles.

Therefore, stop struggling with finding the right path and start making thought-out decisions. The road to balance is never easy and at times it will fluctuate. To stay on track, use the wonderful tools that modern technology has provided to us. At work, know your objectives and organize your everyday tasks so it would help you achieve these goals. Using Weekdone, iDoneThis or any other similar online tool will help you stay on the right path. At home, rethink your errands and do not forget that little relaxation goes a long way.

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