The Job Diet; how to cut out the crap (not another 'new year, new you, blah, blah, blah,')

By Ash Knight

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So it's the first week of January, you've probably already broken a resolution or two and let's face it by the time Friday comes on that first week back the rest are as battered and abused as that Domino's Pizza menu you swore you'd bin back in December.

If you're managing to hang on in there and avoid becoming just another statistic (that only a measly 8% of us ever actually achieve our resolutions) then I'm sure you're with me on wanting to punch the next happy-go-lucky 'New Year, New You' advert you see right in the throat? If, like most, your food-coma from Christmas, teamed with a lack of exercise (since giving up on last year's 'beach bod') means that your keyboard happy fingers are probably the only powerful tools you have left. So, you power up the Mac and take the bull by the horns to tackle that 'new year, new job' resolution... But where to begin?

So many promising, 'flashy' websites however can you really be bothered sending out your precious CV and details to someone who's going to 'mailshot the crap out of it' until something sticks? Then there's your mate 'Dave' in the office, the guy with 'all the contacts' who says he knows 'someone' there (whoever someone is) and will speak to the mystery 'someone' to get you a foot in the door, but then is Dave best qualified to carefully nurture your next big career move? Or guarantee you the best chance of landing said dream job on the best and most attractive package for you? Nope, didn't think so... So what now? Sign into LinkedIn and a trawl through your inbox to find any enticing connections you'd benched back in November when a move before Christmas seemed like too much meither? Has that ship sailed? Will you look blatantly rude for not responding months ago? Probably...

So how to do it, how to ditch the dead-end job, refresh your mojo for Mondays and land the new money-maker without all the crap you've been fed in the past?

Here's what to look out for and how taking a look at a company that's doing things differently might just be the best decision you make this year...

  • Choose a recruiter that deals in facts not fiction, however attractive a spin some will put on it, be realistic and true to yourself. If that over-blown basic package they've promised you sounds too good and a big jump from where you are now, chances are it probably is. We manage your expectations throughout and always give you reality whilst maintaining an impartial stance at all times. This is about your career, not a fee on the board! So while we all might dream of riding the company unicorn to work for being top biller that month, chances are they just see you as fresh cannon fodder and their new meal ticket.
  • Confidentiality is paramount, therefore everything you tell us goes no further (loose lips sink ships and all that), recruiters like to talk, some love to gossip but its the 'you'll never guess who's...' that can cost you your integrity and us ours. Now don't you just hate it when you get those awkward headhunt calls at work? They're always with some guy who won't take the hint that now is not the best time and they're always when you're in close proximity to your boss or peers like they have some sixth sense, 'spidey senses' for head-hunter calls. Well we won’t stalk you or pester you with an abundance of phone calls and emails at inconvenient times. Nor will we call you at work once we have your personal contact details. And then there's your CV, that precious masterpiece you spent nights, maybe weeks perfecting (and then probably filed away somewhere until that particular Monday where you snapped because Sandra in accounts had eaten the last of the hobnobs, whilst crying over her cat Gary's untimely departure from this world and you just knew you had to get out), all full of your personal details just waiting to be spammed from here to kingdom come. Well your CV won’t leave our presence without your consent, and it’ll only go to the businesses we agree during the self-selection process when we meet, so you know that our earlier promise of discretion and no cold-calling is golden.
  • So you've spoken to a guy who says he knows the perfect company for you but on further inspection its everything you hated about where you are now and the position he's pushing you for is, let's face it, a step too far up the ladder, one for the future and way out of your comfort zone but he won't let it drop what with the phone calls and emails tempting you with higher salaries and company perks, but it all just feels so wrong. We listen to understand, consult and act as an unbiased career coach/mentor. After all we’re here to add value and will always offer impartial advice, we'll never push you towards a move that's unsuitable just to line our own pockets.
  • Recruitment is notoriously not a 9-5 job and we really do believe you get out what you put in, that's why we’re always available to chat, when it’s convenient for YOU. That means we’re up early, work late and even weekends but we do it because we care, not because we have to. We are there before, during and most importantly after the whole new-job/interview process to help you with all the little niggles and concerns you're bound to get in those first few weeks. This is something we pride ourselves on and feel sets us apart even more from the cowboys who like to clock off on Friday happy in the knowledge that your interview was a 'sure thing'. We don't assume anything, especially where your career's concerned.

So now you're equipped with the knowledge and geared up for your big move, it's time to make it happen. Set 'smart' goals (big or small), dust off that CV and (if like so many in your position) you'd really benefit from a little expert advice and guidance to make it all the less stressful, give us a call.

Wishing you all the best for 2017 and your next career adventure...

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