The Resignation Letter

By Sharon Lips

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 The Resignation Letter

The day has finally come. You accepted an offer at an amazing company with great people, lots of growth potential, and a salary you’ve been deserving. <"Don't Quit Your Day Job"> Now it’s time to put you grownup pants on and let your employer know you’re leaving.

You open your laptop and put your fingers on the keyboard. You have so much to say and you’re ready to let them know exactly why you strayed. <"Why Employees Stray"> Whoa, wait. What? Professional bitterness is not acceptable and now is not the time to set the record straight and air your grievances. Remember, this letter will be in your personal file and in the hands of someone you may professionally cross paths with again someday. So keep it classy and stick to the script.

It’s best to start your resignation letter the way all good things start; with a compliment. Showing your appreciation towards the company and the experience it has given you will leave a lasting positive impression. Were you the head of a major project or promoted during your career with them? Let them know about a specific experience or responsibility that really had an impact shaping your career. This also shows you have no regrets or take anything for granted.

You’ll want to include the specific date that will be your last day. A two week notice is traditional and professionally recommended. This will also ensure you get paid for all your time, including all unused sick and vacation time according to company HR policy. It’s probably in your best interest to give notice on a Friday afternoon of your impending resignation, this way your boss won’t have time to react and will give everyone the weekend to soak it in and decompress.  Your boss probably won’t be supportive, so be prepared for a wide range of emotions and questions. Just keep reiterating your decision is final and irreversible.

If it is important for you to have the opportunity to get things off your chest, you could include a line informing them you would be happy to discuss your reasons for resigning, but follow it up with offering any support you can during your transition. This may include training your replacement or putting in extra hours to complete a current project. It allows the company to truly believe you have always cared about the company’s success and ability for co-workers to thrive in your absence.

Just like sending a Thank You card, regardless of necessity, submitting a resignation letter is the respectful thing to do. Many people only have to inform their immediate supervisor when resigning, but be sure to include all department contacts that, for business reasons, would need to be informed. And, in addition to leaving out all the juicy details as to why you are resigning, it’s best to leave out all details pertaining to your new company and position title. Remember, the best thing to do is keep it short, to the point, and try to make it through the next two weeks as smooth as possible.

I have included a link to “The Resignation Letter” Template for your use here:


Sharon Lips is a Recruiter with Staffing By Choice, a regional professional services Staffing Firm based out of Miami Lakes, Florida. Sharon has a background as a top performing sales leader in real estate and luxury sales with a proven record of $1MM + year over year in sales. Currently, she helps TOP candidates in their field find their dream jobs to continue their careers with. If you or someone you know is currently undervalued, underpaid, or underwater at their current job, feel free to make a referral. Sharon Lips, Recruiter with Staffing By Choice – The Choice Is Yours. [email protected]  407-494-1216

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