There is No Need to Be Afraid of Being Interviewed If You are an Older Applicant

By Interview Success Formula

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It’s understandable if someone’s fearful of a job interview when they are older than most others applying for the job. However, experienced and seasoned candidates do not need to make their age an issue. Older candidates must be confident in the fact that they have much more to offer than younger applicants.

Your main asset is your experience. Be prepared in advance to answer interview questions in such a way that you can highlight this experience to demonstrate that you are the better candidate.

What You Have to Offer

When being interviewed, keep the emphasis on your experience and accomplishments. The kind of insight and wisdom you’ve acquired over the years can save this organization time and money. There will be no need to extensively train you, which in itself is time-consuming and expensive. Be diplomatic, but discuss current issues the company is dealing with and how your past experience can help them solve these problems. Demonstrate that your maturity is an advantage and you can get along with others quite easily and have no need for drama.

Use Evidence to Prove Your Skills

Younger candidates with little experience cannot back up their answers with concrete evidence. An older candidate, like yourself, has a wealth of experience to draw on to prove their skills.

When you answer interview questions, cite specific examples of what you did to solve problems and benefit to companies you previously worked for. These answers should be in terms of time and money saved, profits made, and anything that you can quantify that demonstrates what an asset you would be to this company.

Versatility is the Name of the Game

These are common reasons employers cite for not hiring older candidates:

  • Older workers can’t keep up
  • Stuck in old work habits
  • Can’t adapt to new technology

You must show that you can adjust to modern work environments. Make sure you convey that having a boss that’s younger than you isn’t a problem. Be respectful, enthusiastic and always open to instructions and suggestions, regardless of the age of the person interviewing you.

Come prepared to demonstrate that you’ve kept up with technology and are not intimidated by it at all. Be up on all the latest software programs in your industry and discuss all this innovation very positively. This is something you can overcome by being open to it and willing to learn.

Never let age stand in the way of you and the job you want. Leverage all your experience to show yourself in your best light. Demonstrate all the ways that you would be an asset to this company and a positive addition to the team.


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