What Do Employers Want?

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A question asked by many frustrated job seekers! The answer is simple … meet their needs. What many job seekers fail to do though is present themselves well on paper.

A recent company in the mining sector advertised a large number of positions. Despite a good volume of responses, they re-advertised some of the roles, much to the distaste of jobseekers who had applied and received rejection letters.

I know one of the HR Managers in the company and asked her which positions were re-advertised and why. Her answer was exactly as I expected, ’We received a huge number of resumes for the roles, but very few people had the skills and experience we specified in the advertisement’.

Many job seekers would take umbrage at that comment and statements like ‘Well I’ve got 15 years experience doing exactly what they asked for!’ wouldn’t be uncommon. What is common, however, is that most wouldn’t have represented themselves well on paper – in other words, they didn’t clearly explain in their resume that they had the skills and experience needed for the job. What a waste of a great opportunity.

To illustrate my point, I received a call from a client asking me if I would help a colleague of his to write his resume. When I saw his resume and telephoned him to discuss the project, it was obvious he had a lot more experience and skills than were listed in his resume. During our conversation I discovered he had applied for the positions mentioned above and was quite disappointed at being rejected.

As we worked on his documents and I was able to extract the information I needed to prepare a results-driven resume, even he commented that had he included even half of these things in his original resume he may have been interviewed. It was definitely a wake-up call for him.

Being rejected is never nice, especially when the position was really appealing to you.

But before you bemoan employers and become dejected, take a really objective look at your resume against the requirements of the advert and see if you met the employer’s needs in your resume.


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