4 Crystal Clear Predictions for Social Recruiting in 2014


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Realistically, no recruiter has a crystal ball to see what’s coming in the future. And with social recruiting, so much can change in an instant from one week to the next. But there are some areas of social recruiting that we know with some degree of certainty will become the hottest trends of the coming year.

Top 2014 Trends in Social Recruiting to Watch

While you are doing your part by taking advantage of all the resources that Social-Hire has to offer you as a recruiter, we’d also like to take some time out to predict what we believe will be some leading trends in social recruiting in the near future. This is so you can be a more informed and smarter recruiter!

#1 – Social Recruiting will be Majority Based on Mobile Apps

The most recent surveys on social media use behavior indicate that the vast majority of users access their networks via mobile applications. As it stands, 60 percent of all social media use is via mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. It’s not surprising that this is a growing trend when many job seekers as well as recruitment teams are accessing recruitment related social networks on the go. We predict that by the end of 2014, this number will jump to as much as 70 percent or more of the total use of social recruitment apps and tools.

#2 – Recruiters will Improve Their Focus on Diversity Hiring

In a recent post, we talked about how minorities use social networks and how recruiters can stay educated about their efforts to hire for diversity. In the coming year, more efforts will be made by recruiters to reach out to candidates who previously have not adopted social networking resources. Recruiters will integrate more social recruiting apps and facilitate the use of social networks in their sourcing processes, blending traditional diversity hiring efforts with modern social recruitment best practices.

#3- Visual Engagement on Social Networks will Continue to Grow

The last year has seen an explosion in visually driven social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest (which by the way is 21 percent more popular than Twitter now). In the year ahead, we predict that recruiters will start leveraging more visually appealing job advertisements that incorporate imagery as well as content. Recruiters can use corporate branding well to develop networks that are visually appealing and attract more of the best job seekers too.

#4 – Social Networks will Transform Workplace Culture Recruiting

Over the last ten years since social networking made its way onto the scene, the workplace has increasingly adopted this form of communication to deliver messaging in a less threatening way. In 2014, we predict that more corporate recruitment teams will use social networks to communicate the corporate culture and use this as a way to reel in top talent.

While these are just a handful of the ways social recruiting will transform the hiring market in 2014, we expect great things from the creative and innovative recruiters out there. Look for future updates on social recruitment as Social-Hire stays on top of the breaking news of this year and beyond. 

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