4 Reasons Why Small Business Should Implement Mobile Recruiting in 2017

By Veronica Hunt

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Mobile recruiting will influence the success of employment in 2017. It is all because mobile-oriented Z generation will make 20% of the workforce by 2019. Small businesses have faced many challenges to attract millennials not talking about their younger successors. Mostly it stems from high expectations of generations Y and Z towards their career and the impact of the company’s brand. Thus, any small business should figure out how to connect with new employees and comply with their main expectations. This tech-savvy generation can transform traditional employment and workplace. So, the following reasons explain why any small business should implement mobile recruiting and strengthen the overall mobile presence.

  1. Mobile job searching is more indiscreet and confidential

A new generation of job seekers differs from their precursors. GenZers have certain digital habits and private data security is crucial for them. They know how to search and it can take them a few seconds to find an answer to any complex question. They live in an online world of games and chats. Having an instant access to any data in a browser is as important for them as drinking water or sleeping. That is why GenZers are more comfortable with mobile searching for a job.

The Pew Research Center study also confirms this fact. 53% of job seekers aged 18 to 29 used their smartphones before applying for a job. Yet, another survey suggests that 77% of people used mobile apps in all stages of their job searching. For GenZers mobile job search apps allow getting all job alerts, bookmark vacancies for later, and share interesting positions with their friends through social media networks.

  1. Job seekers want to search at any time and place

Having an instant access to information smartphone users don’t wait to job search until they leave their office. They become impatient and even irritated with anytime and place limitations. Therefore, Generation Z demands immediate feedback from the recruiters. These young job seekers who value the flexibility of their working hours grew up in the era of online video games. The system of rewarding and bonuses made them expect constant encouragement and responsiveness even from their employers.

However, many companies either lack some mobile features or have no mobile optimization to meet such a need. For instance, the same Pew research reports about 47% of job seekers who faced problems accessing some information on their phones. Thus, small businesses should implement mobile recruiting to receive all notifications at once and give timely responses to all applicants.

  1. Mobile applicant tracking system simplifies many processes

Any recruitment team needs a sustainable mobile applicant tracking system to organize its efficient work. Even if it is still a developing company, a good tracking system will manage all the processes before and after the job interview. Besides, using mobile trackers recruiters will have few chances to miss the high-qualified applicant’s resume. Also, they can attract more candidates of Z generation.

In turn, GenZers will certainly notice the strong mobile presence of a company and keep interested in its vacancies. They are unlikely to continue a conversation with those recruiters who cannot provide them with a good mobile access to the job description page or can’t contact them asap.

By the way, one of the recent studies reveals that 75% of big companies use such detecting systems to select only those resumes that are worth their manual studying. Of course, many employees argue the fairness of such tracking systems. However, for recruiters who want to save time on inappropriate candidates, it is the best way to manage their workload.

  1. Mobile recruiting can induce sharing among GenZers

Although generation Z applicants build their relationship and contacts online, they are considered the most social-minded generation. They care about their profiles’ reputation in various social networks since they are fully aware how it influences their future career. They are nothing like their parents who could thoughtlessly post some embarrassing photos on Facebook. Gen-Z employees try to protect their private data and filter any advertising materials with the help of special blocking apps.

Considering all this, you should implement mobile recruiting to induce sharing of your company’s new vacancies among other candidates. Gen-Z job seekers have a large group of sharers and if they find your company’s expertise impressive and useful for their friends, they will gladly share information about your small business.

Final thoughts

Developing mobile recruitment can require a good part of your small business budget. However, it is definitely worth it since it allows you connecting with high-qualified GenZers. Do not save on good candidates since Gen-Z applicants value their time. They notice those companies that do not expect them to wait for an email response, make extra steps like using desktop version to view the full job description or submit a cover letter. Mobile recruitment is a new convenient way to engage applicants whose impeccable skills can grow your small business.

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