5 Ways to Add Twitter to Your Recruiting Strategy

By The Recruiting Division

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Your company’s recruiting strategy can be either a problem or a competitive advantage. With recruiting costs for management positions running as high as 150 percent of salary according to Dun and Bradstreet, your recruiting strategy needs be operated as a competitive advantage and not a loss leader. Twitter offers plenty of fast, effective ways to do that.

Social Media Recruiting Creates Better ROI

Dr. John Sullivan, recruiting and HR thought leader, speaker, and author, knows the power of the tweet. He claims that almost100 percent of social media recruiting happens in LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Candidates that come to your company through social media are more interested in and involved with your business than candidates sourced in other ways. Social media creates a vaster and more intimate connection with candidates for much less monetary outlay, sometimes with no expenditure other than a time investment.

With an average of 58 million tweets per day reported by Statistics Brain, your company can’t afford not to use Twitter for sourcing, hiring, and recruiting. And Twitter offers more for recruiting than just connecting with and engaging candidates. Twitter enhanced search, Twitter smart search, Dice’s new Twitter job card, building a Twitter following, and using a social media management tool like Hootsuite are five ways to add Twitter to your recruiting strategy.

Twitter Enhanced Search

Twitter’s Advanced Search is a powerful recruiting search tool rivaling any search engine. Its search operators enable users to search quickly for precise data on candidates. Search for prospective candidates in and near any geographic location, set up social listening to “hear” how people are discussing your jobs and your company, and save searches to come back to later, and build lists of candidates to follow with the expertise and social media participation you want to monitor.
Use Twitter enhanced search in your sourcing, use it to develop talent pools, and use it to learn about competitors’ latest recruiting activity. It’s a valuable and free resource to enhance your recruiting strategy


Twitter Smart Search

Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and now Twitter have smart search features or intuitive search. Facebook calls it “people you may know,” and LinkedIn calls it “candidates you may be interested in” or “jobs you may be interested in,” depending on how you’re searching. Google automatically brings up related terms when you enter a search. Twitter’s smart search makes your searching and candidate sourcing faster and easier than ever before, gathering relevant and related data every time you search.


Dice’s New Twitter Job Card

#Dice141 is a new tool that enables recruiters to expose their job listings in Twitter with more than Twitter’s limited 140 characters. It bumps your Dice job listing out to Twitter quickly and easily and makes it available to anyone on Twitter searching for any parameters in your listing. You just click into your Dice.com job listing, click share and click tweet, and your job listing is available in Twitter searchable by your company name or job title keywords.

Build a Twitter Following

Recruiting veteran Glen Cathey says using Twitter in recruiting works best if you’ve developed a following. He explains that tweeting your job opportunities without followers is ineffective at best because it won’t reach targeted followers interested in it. Cathey suggests following candidates you’ve sourced who have the skills required for your openings to build a following. Or if you haven’t yet used Twitter for sourcing, find qualified relevant candidates to follow with some effective searching in Twitter. Encourage them to follow you back with valuable Twitter posts and continue to build a following. Then your job tweets will reach an interested and relevant candidate pool who will probably also retweet to their fellow qualified associates, further spreading news of your openings.

Use a Social Media Management Tool

Cathey also recommends using a social media management tool such as Hootsuite that enables you to create custom content, sync multiple social accounts to update simultaneously, and monitor your streams from your mobile devices.

Whether you need the latest comprehensive social media component for recruiting or are interested in just enhancing your recruiting process with some social media features, adding Twitter to your recruiting strategy will get results fast. 


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