Big Data's Future Impact on Social Recruiting


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Social recruiting metrics are quickly moving to an exact science, but they are not quite there, yet. Companies concerned with their human capital gains are relying more on big data from social recruitment campaigns to make key hiring decisions. They use this data to determine which candidates are perfect for the company and which ones will not fit in with long term corporate objectives.

Trying to determine which candidates have personalities that blend with other employees can be difficult, but big data is starting to make things a little bit easier. Here, we will discuss how big data is having an impact on social recruiting efforts for the modern day HR department.

Companies Already Collect Data

Consider this: Companies are already collecting data on candidates, from the minute an individual visits the company’s career page to the exit interview, the data is immense. For most companies, all of this data is now kept in digital form, making it easier and quicker to access. When big data tools are put to work, all of this data can be sorted and analyzed. Once analyzed, it becomes easier for a company to figure out how the candidate came to them and what their social media preferences are.

What Can Big Data Do?

Big data applications can simplify the recruiting process for companies, especially if they use these apps to sift through the data. Applications such as TalentBin will look at the information of candidates, which is pulled from social media sites, and then entered into a database. Once the database is constructed, the company will be able to search the database for candidates using specific criteria.

Another application, called Bright, collects data from candidates using social media. The application uses the data collected from the candidates’ social media sites to match them with jobs. All of the job search extras are removed by matching the candidates with the best opportunities available and matching companies to the best prospects available.

Social Media Data is Unstructured

Right now, candidate data from social media websites is somewhat unstructured, which means that companies have trouble analyzing the data because there is so much of it. If companies can structure the data, even a little bit, then it will be easier to analyze how social media sites are used by candidates and what they are looking for when on the sites. This will let companies publish content geared towards the data. Using the above applications and new social recruiting data management tools, the recruitment efforts of a company are made actionable and strategic.

The Goal of Big Data

If an algorithm can be created that matches current candidates’ skills and background with what is needed for the job that is available, then companies will have an easier time with recruiting. For this to happen, the productivity of current employees will need to be tracked. This includes their job logs, social media activity and even their posts on their social media sites. This is an excellent way to analyze and sort the corporate culture at the company when filling open jobs.

We look for great things to come in social recruitment big data management in the near future!

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