Building A Global High-Volume Recruiting Strategy

By Aida Fazylova

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A global high-volume recruitment strategy can be a trick thing to build. On top of trying to fill a plethora of positions in what can sometimes seem like unrealistic deadlines, your recruiters are also working with different types of people, cultures and expectations. Although you’re sure to recognize the benefits that diversity can bring to the company, accounting for the differences of each geolocation is critical. To do that, we’ve gathered the best pointers on how to build a comprehensive, automated global high-volume recruitment strategy.

Address the Differences Within Your Markets

When hiring across the globe, you’ll find that candidates in each geolocation have different expectations for the process. In some countries, such as Japan, your candidates will be straight to the point and business-driven, but in countries such as Spain, your candidates will want to create a bond with you before diving deep into the business. Although these two countries are on opposite sides of the spectrum, your global high-volume recruitment strategy will have to account for both. It is important to know the mindset of the candidates within each of your markets when building your strategy. Address these cultural differences in briefs your HR department can read while working across the globe.

Find and Hire Efficiently

When it comes to global high-volume recruiting, automation is key. Process applications, review resumes and even schedule your interviews with AI technology before your HR department invests their time into the individual. If reallocating time to more important tasks isn’t enough of a reason for you to try AI, the extended reach should get you to dive on in. With AI tech, your recruiting staff will be able to communicate with your global audience. XOR is able to chat in 100+ languages for this exact reason. With AI, you’ll never miss out on a great candidate because of a language barrier. Plus, you can customize your AI technology to adjust for the cultural differences that you’ve identified in your different geolocations.

The Right Talent at the Right Time

With tight deadlines and a limited candidate pool, any recruiter in a global high-volume situation can testify that the challenges are real. For these high-pressure times, the HR department works diligently to put candidates in positions. But are they putting the right candidate in the right position? There is nothing more upsetting to these hard workers than to have to fill a position that they filled just a few months prior. Even with the added stress and barriers present in global high-volume recruiting, it is important to search for the right fit for each role. Use AI technology to pre-vet your candidates to guarantee that they’re qualified for the position they’re applying for. Better yet, check out XOR’s predictive analytics to see when your recruiting staff will be looking to fill that role next.

Audit Your Strategy

It’s certainly no secret that recruitment strategies are different than they were five years ago. As norms in recruiting evolves, so will your strategy. Evaluate what you’re doing and how it’s working in order to create a better experience for both your recruiters and your candidates. Follow current recruiting norms, stay up-to-date on technology and even try new processes when you see fit. Auditing your strategy yearly will save your company from being left behind.

An adaptive and automated global high-volume recruitment strategy can save your HR department time, your company money and help you recruit great, qualified candidates. Be sure to identify differences in your global market, use AI tech to automate repetitive processes and audit your strategy often. With these tips in hand, you’re sure to create a top-notch recruitment strategy.

About the Author:

Aida is the CEO and Founder of and a former recruiter. She started XOR to help recruiters focus on the hiring and strategic planning that comes with being a recruiter. Aida previously worked in IT recruitment and project management for over six years.

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