Hot Twitter Recruiting Resources for 2014


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Haven’t yet launched a Twitter recruitment campaign? What are you waiting for!

Using Twitter as a recruiting tool for your company is something that needs to be seriously considered. But it has to be managed well. You cannot use Twitter just to post comments and links to content and expect that this will help recruit new employees. Instead, you need to make sure that your Twitter account is run appropriately and effectively so it recruits new employees with the best content possible.

Twitter Tools for Recruiters to Use

The good news is that there are various tools/resources available today for recruiting using Twitter in 2014. Here are some powerful Twitter resources for recruiting in 2014:

Follow People with SocialBro

One of the more popular tools for following people on Twitter is that of SocialBro. This tool can be used with the Google Chrome browser. This tool lets you analyze the Twitter accounts of users so you can determine if you would like to follow them or not. By checking a couple of boxes you can follow new people, followers of your competitors and influential people in your industry.

UnFollow People with ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is another popular tool for recruiting using Twitter. This tool helps you manage the people you follow on Twitter. This tool allows people the opportunity to unfollow at least 100 people at one shot each day should you need to clean-up your followers. The tool helps you determine which accounts you follow are no longer active, have not tweeted in a specific amount of time, or have inappropriate content on their accounts.

Use Hootsuite to Manage Twitter and Other Accounts

When it comes to recruiting new employees, you want to have access to all of the features Twitter has to offer at once. You can do this by using the tool known as Hootsuite. This program helps companies manage their Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts all in one shot. You can schedule tweets and posts weeks in advance as well.

Analyze Candidate Engagement

Companies can use the program known as to figure out which of your followers have been the most engaged with your account. This program also lets you manage brands and monitor mentions of them and websites. The program also provides suggestions as to which accounts you might want to follow based on your account’s preferences.

Share More Content

When you need to share content with your followers, be sure to use the tool called Buffer. You can browse the web and click on a button that saves the link where you are located to a tweet. The tool then can send the link to your followers at a scheduled time and with your comment included. This tool allows you to send out as many tweets as you would like each day, scheduling them in advance.

If your company uses any or all of these social sharing tools when on Twitter, then you should have no trouble recruiting candidates in 2014.

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