How Does Social Recruiting Compare to Traditional Recruiting?

By Cheryl Morgan

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Social recruiting allows you to connect with potential candidates anywhere they are accessing the internet through a computer or even a smart phone.

Social recruiting is quickly taking the place of more traditional recruiting methods. With the many positive outcomes of social media recruiting, it's easy to see why. Social recruiting can help you establish your company's mission and foster a great reputation while also serving its primary objective of helping you find quality candidates for open positions within your company.


Connecting with Candidates

Social recruiting allows you to have meaningful communications with potential candidates before scheduling that initial interview. You can easily peruse their social media profiles, and it's easier to see a candidate's demeanor on social media than a cover letter and an application. That can help you get a feel for whether certain applicants will be a good fit for your company's work culture. With traditional recruiting methods, you will likely not be able to decide this until the start of the interview process.


Increasing Your Reach

It is far easier to reach a greater number of potential applicants with social recruiting than any other traditional methods for recruitment. Facebook alone has over a billion users, and you can use multiple social media websites to reach out to candidates. Also, when you make a social media post about an available job position, it may be shared on many other pages. It's very easy to spread the word without a big financial investment with social recruiting, and cleverly worded posts may even help your job posts go viral online.

Social recruiting
Candidates will be inspired to share high quality posts with others through social media.


Connecting with Motivated Candidates

Talented workers who take the time to build and perfect an attractive professional profile online are likely to also be motivated within a company. Proactive people are likely to place themselves in a position to be discovered by a recruiter, and they will make it easy for you to find the background information you need. This can be far harder to identify with traditional recruiting methods. Social recruiting allows you to easily connect with motivated candidates who may be a perfect fit for a job opening that you have available.


Multiple Rewards

While traditional recruitment methods like placing a job ad in a newspaper or even a website have a limited reach and a single focus, using social recruiting methods can serve multiple purposes at once. While they can definitely fulfill a primary objective of reaching candidates, a lot of the effort that goes into social recruiting can also help to build the overall brand of your company and its reputation. When your official website is friendly and welcoming to potential workers and customers at the same time, social media site users will walk away with a more favorable impression of your company even if they never apply for a position.

The results are in, and it's clear that social recruiting is nearly always the right choice. Since job seekers are online and using social media websites to find positions, all businesses need to use social media recruiting to some degree. Check out our monthly social media recruiting plans for more information on how you can make this recruiting choice work for your company.

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