How to Turn a Bad Hire Into a Good Employee

By Dixie Somers

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When a person is hired by a company, there is no guarantee it will work out. References can be checked, credentials verified, skills proven and the employees working habits and personality could still be a problem. There is no way to tell if a job candidate will be compatible with a company's work environment. When it comes to doing the actual job, the employee may fail. This can cause tension with other employees. It's time to define the problems and address them.

Schedule a Meeting

It's important to deal with the situation as soon as possible. A meeting needs to be scheduled with the employee as soon as possible. The meeting may be better if a representative from human resources or another manager also attends it. The situation and policies of the company will determine how the meeting will be conducted. The conversation should be directed toward identifying problems and finding solutions. Make certain not to make statements that would cause the employee to be defensive. Share any facts and information that have been collected before the meeting. The employee should be asked to share their view of the situation.


Should the employee's performance be the issue, it's time to have an honest conversation with them. It's important to establish if the employee misrepresented their qualifications. The problem could also be the company is not providing necessary training. This is where performance review software can come in handy, enabling you to assess the employee's performance in a simple and accurate way. If their negative performance is because of attitude or personality, the reason they were hired needs to be carefully examined. The employee needs to be informed of the company's expectations for their behavior in the workplace.


Once the reasons for the problems have been identified, it's time to decide if there is a solution to resolving the issues. In some situations, an employee improves when they are assigned a mentor from their work area. Providing oversight for a period of time also works with some employees. There have been instances where a single meeting can make a significant change in an employee's workplace behavior. When it's decided to keep the employee on board, the agreed-upon course of action needs to be documented. The employee should have input when it comes to its creation. Identify what the employee needs to do and determine specific dates to check their progress.


An employee's attitude could determine if they will end their negative workplace behavior. Should the employee be receptive to feedback, they may be worth making the extra effort to help. If their attitude is bad and they don't work well with the other employees, it may be time to make some difficult decisions. An employee with a bad attitude can have a harmful effect on the productivity and morale of their co-workers. It may be time for this employee to find a work environment that better suits them.


It's important that an employee feels a connection to the company and their co-workers. When an employee feels isolated, their work performance may suffer. Workers need to feel a connection to be effective. When an employee is not performing up to standards, the cause could be frustration. They may want to be able to provide more input on projects. Keeping employees involved with what is happening is important. The more an employee feels part of what is going on around them, the more they will try to do their best.


If a company does not see a way to rectify the situation with a bad employee, they may need to consider termination. Employee turnover is expensive. The recruitment process will again have to take place. It could have a negative impact on other employees. Keeping an employee who does more harm than good in a work environment could be very costly in the long run.


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