How To Use Facebook Live to Reach Out to the Younger Market

By Vincent G. Spivey

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Facebook Live to reach the Younger Market

Facebook is undisputedly still the leading social media avenue. With over one billion users monthly, it has more than nine hundred million mobile users and an average of more than seven hundred million users who visit it every day. More than half that population is from generation Y and Z, so if this is your target market, it is this big, and with Facebook, the possibilities are endless.

You might be wondering how to grow your number of followers on Facebook or how to make those followers become revenue for you. Here’s what, if you know your social niche, you should also know who comprises it. But we are not going to talk about how you’re going to identify them, we’ll discuss how to take advantage of free Facebook features like Facebook Live.

If you haven’t used the feature yet, Facebook Live is a free live streaming feature of Facebook. Facebook users who have access can do it anytime, anywhere, whether it is for business or personal purposes. Facebook Live also allows its users to have real-time interaction, through giving reactions (heart, wow, like, haha, wow, sad, angry). The viewers of the said live streaming can also add comments real time. Not only that it allows real-time commenting and reaction, but it also stays on your timeline that you can keep and share multiple times depending on your needs.

Your live stream is going to be viewed by your followers, once you go “live,” they will be given an instant notification that you already started. If ever they didn’t notice that notification, it will also appear on their timeline.  You can control who can comment on your live video as well; that’s how majestic Facebook Live is.


What’s the Potential of the Younger Market?

The younger market comprises of professionals, students, and young businesspeople. The younger market is one of the best market group because they don’t have so many issues in life yet. Most of them do not have a family, and they are young and open and fresh. The cares of life that would hinder them from spending their money is far from their horizons. When compared to the other half of the population, once you convince them with a good, valid and reliable explanation they are going to take your opinion without doubts.

They also are open minded people, since they are still trying to build their principles, likes, and dislikes. They are open to trying more, and they are hungry for more knowledge. They are the group that is most exposed to the internet, spends more time on the internet and depends on the web for most of their needs. They are also the group that is most exposed to social media, which means they are the majority of the target market of most of your competitors.

The younger market also uses social media, Facebook, in particular, to look for opportunities, build connections and hopefully make money out of it.


How to Stand Out from The Mob

Facebook is home to other businesses as you may well know and the industry mix is so heterogenous you don’t know where you want to belong. Although you may think of this as a disadvantage, this is a stepping stone to get yourself pumped up.

It is not an easy challenge but how do you make a difference?


Build A Community.

Only a few people or business people take advantage of group pages. If you build a community on Facebook that gives people a sense of belongingness, and not only belongingness but a forum to share knowledge and earn knowledge, then you are doing social media marketing right. Most of the social media users get bored with seeing pages that just sells, in most cases, if you are not one of the authority brands they know, you won’t get their likes, nor their following.

Building a community as well gives your audience the confidence that the place is not biased to just one brand. Gain their confidence first and boost it. Say for example, if your company focuses on helping and funding veterans, build a community that would make the younger market engaged. Produce contents that are relevant to what they should know, say VA mortgage rates, that gives them an idea of how veteran life really works.

That’s right, if they mention your competitors, in the long run, that’s not a problem. Since you are the page’s admin, you can cut that part later on! It’s tricky but, if the thread is too long to read, most wouldn’t go down to dig- your target market is also partial when it comes to spending their time reading other people’s opinion.

Encourage people in your community to testify about your brand- social media marketing is not outright selling, it is a very personal channel, so tell, don’t sell.


Tell, don’t sell.

As mentioned earlier, outright selling doesn't work with the new generation. They are very open-minded and at the same time smart. They know how to filter things out, they might try to search you on Google, but they are going to look for reviews about your brand. Your next move is to find people, true people, to testify good stuff about your brand.

Don’t do the traditional picture-word, comment or post style of brand promotion- do it using Facebook Live!

Boring picture- word combination of brand advertising in Google and social media, don’t work anymore. People are likely going to think that the individual is just the blog owner who used whoever’s name in heaven. So, when you go live, find people- the average looking and living people to tell the value of your product or brand; forget about the influential and the celebrities. The market is likely to think of them as true testimonies. So, show and tell!

Show them Life Hacks, Fresh, and Relevant Content

The younger generation is looking for ways to become more resourceful in everything. Instead of just posting articles that are related to your brand, why don’t you show them something that will give them fresh ideas? If you post something about life hacks, your followers will surely tag someone who might need it through the comments section.

See? That person who got tagged will, of course, receive a notification and will get to your page right away. If they feel like the community is something they might need, then they will surely follow you on Facebook.

On how to create a meaningful, purposeful and helpful lifehack, try to think of familiar or common knowledge and show them something new about it. It should help them save something; it could be time or money, anything that would help them create something beautiful and would solve a dilemma they didn’t know was a problem. It sounds vague, but it depends on your creativity.

The younger market likes traveling, so if you can find life hacks for traveling that might as well relate to your product or services, then that would be great. Just don’t make it seem so obvious though because that’s totally going to turn them off. Just incorporate your promotion, smoothly, implicitly, without feeling like pushing them it’s necessary, but would somehow hint a need for them to do so.

If you are going to use someone else’s work and post it on your page, you are giving away the opportunity to them. So avoid using someone else’s work, make it original. If your work is a literary or music piece, apply for copyright. Make sure you are protected from plagiarism, especially if your goal is to sell them in a compilation or a book.

Make your live stream worth watching!

Take Advantage of Their Impulsive Character

This sounds totally wrong, but you should do it to get the numbers rolling. If you have already a good amount of followership in Facebook, then try the selling part. It’s nice to put a deadline on everything to make sure it’s exciting.

Most businesspeople in social media would just post a plain picture of the product with the “hey, it’s at 50% off until supplies last!”, Or “Christmas sale, get yours now at 50% off!”. Well, that’s fine, that’s traditional, that’s how most people would do it. But it's nice to break from what’s usual. To become effective, live stream it!

You’d probably think this is absurd, but show them a video of you telling them that the super helpful product that the community has been talking about the whole time is on sale and tell them that the supplies are limited or put a deadline to it. It’s not a machine selling the products to them, it’s you, so show them some face, some human.

Again, make it personal. Don’t be afraid to try something new, when people knows the face behind the product or the services, you are more likely to get more comments because it opens room for conversation to them. Tell them to tag people or other businesses, so you get more traffic to your page.

There’s no harm in trying new. Livestream and grow!



Facebook also has paid ads, but it only leads people to your page, it doesn’t create a relationship. Make sure to tell your followers you are going to be live and keep them reminded of it. Make live streaming a habit. It won’t hurt your pocket anyway, just make sure it’s worth the viewers time.


Author’s Bio

Vincent Spivey is a writer, researcher and editor for almost a decade. He is an expert at social media marketing and law blogging. He is currently connected with Livingston Loeffler, a law firm helping business owners protect their intellectual rights.


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