Top Ten Tips for Marketing on Facebook

By Shen Levy

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Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users. It has over a billion daily users - that's a lot of Facebook feeds being scrolled through each and every day! Of course, it's vital for your business to have a Facebook presence, but as the platform grows it is becoming increasingly challenging to stand out from the crowd, be heard amid all the noise, and connect with your audience.

Your marketing on Facebook, like with all channels when using social media for recruiting, needs to be smart. There are many tips and tricks of the trade that can help you to grow your audience and your business through Facebook. Here are ten of them...

Marketing on Facebook


1. Target a specific audience


The days of 'pay and spray' marketing are long gone. Generalised ad messaging sent out to a wide audience in the hope of hooking in a few prospects is so last century.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of marketing on Facebook is the level of sophistication now offered by ad targeting. It is remarkably easy to analyse your customer base and to draw up a profile of your ideal customer and buyer personas.

Targeting allows you to go after the people that are most likely to be in interested in what you have to offer.


2. Use video


If you've not been successful with your marketing on Facebook with video, you're probably doing it wrong.

You need to make sure that your video content isn't too long. Above all, video content needs to be entertaining and engaging.

Video is the future of marketing on Facebook, but it's also the here and now!


3. Run contests


Facebook contests are nothing new, but there is no simpler way of boosting engagement. Contests don't need to be complicated. You could just ask people to like your page and tag a friend, or post a photo. Contests are fun and they work!


4. Use images of cute dogs, cats or babies!


It's a bit of a Facebook cliché - the cute dog or baby pic. That and pictures of your dinner. But the thing is that pictures of cute animals or babies work! Add a caption related to your brand or business and watch the engagement rise!


5. Don't take yourself too seriously


A key thing to remember about marketing on Facebook is that it is still a social platform. Businesses and advertisers may have moved in on social's turf, but still it is a good idea not to take yourself that seriously.

Playfulness and informality are much likely to get you noticed and grab attention in what is a crowded space. Inject a bit of fun!


6. Target who you already know


Facebook's Custom Audiences feature allows you to target the leads and customers you already have. You can simply upload your email subscriber list to Facebook and show your ads to this audience.


7. Target your Lookalike Audience


Essentially, Facebook now allows you to virtually clone your ideal customers. This is where marketing on Facebook gets really clever! The Lookalike Audience feature enables you to target people with similar likes and attributes to your existing audience, reaching new leads.


8. Push your personality, not your product


Pushing product/service-related content all the time is only going to take you so far. Facebook is a platform that is all about people. Your marketing on Facebook should reflect this. Push the human face of your brand and your personality to your audience. Your product will then become more appealing to them.


9. Promote your best content


Analytics allow you to measure which content is resonating the most with your audience. Armed with this data, you have the knowledge you need to decide where to focus your promotion budget. Marketing on Facebook will yield results if you put your money behind your best content at the right time to gain even more exposure.


10. Use emojis


Emojis have become the communication tool of preference for online users. Particularly linked to 5 and 8 above, emojis are a simple way to convey your personality and emotion in your marketing on Facebook. What’s more, they don’t cost you a penny!

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