How To Use Social Media To Recruit Great People

By Edd Rennolls

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During its early stages, social media quickly became a novelty way for friends and family members to stay in contact with each and share photographs and clever status updates. Now, more businesses than ever are jumping onboard the social media bandwagon. Not only do social media platforms provide a powerful way to reach potential customers, they can also get business recruiters in contact with promising future hires. Social media can be a great way to grow your company’s superstar team, but it is a vast jungle that can be a little bit tricky to navigate at first. Luckily, by having a set game plan in place, recruiting top-notch applicants can be simple and easy.

Develop A List Of Reasons Why You Have A Great Company

Before you even reach out to the job search engines to try and find the next star employee for your organization, it’s crucial that you lay a little bit of groundwork first. While there may be no shortage of candidates looking for a new job right now, the most qualified options often receive interest from multiple competing companies.

Survey existing team members and then sit down and create a list of reasons why people truly enjoy working for your company. Having this information in your corner when trying to find new recruits will provide you with a plethora ways to show potential hires why your business is the best choice.

Make Sure You’re Looking In The Right Places

You’re probably going to have a difficult time recruiting great people if you’re not looking in the great places where these all-stars can be found. As social media continues to advance and develop, there are countless networks and platforms out there – and more seem to be starting up every day. Knowing where to look to find the top employees can mean the difference between a quick, eventful search, and a long, drawn-out process filled with frustration. Make sure you’re recruiting on social media platforms that are full of the right kind of candidates that you’re looking for – not an abandoned wasteland of a platform which has fallen out of social favor.

Know How To Google

If you’ve followed these key steps so far, you are likely knee-deep in applications from interested job hunters. The key to wading through the myriad of different resumes you get in is to know precisely what you’re looking for, and verifying that the applicants who fit your criteria indeed do. Social media is a great platform for reaching new recruits, but it’s an even better platform for probing into their backgrounds and qualifications. Conduct a thorough Google search of the potential hires that you’re considering in order to verify they have the needed experience, and search through various social media platforms in order to ensure that they fit well with your company’s values and culture.

Traditional ways for businesses to find new hires are becoming increasingly antiquated. As social media becomes more prominent in our daily lives, its uses continue to expand. Now, social media platforms are becoming a very popular way for job hunters and business recruiters to connect. Finding the right employees to grow your company can currently be achieved easier than ever through social media, if you are adept enough to know where to look and how to isolate the top contenders.

Edd Rennolls works as an HR recruiter helping small businesses find the perfect employees. Edd is active in social media and enjoys learning about new technology.


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