How your recruitment can reflect your company culture

By Swanstaff

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Your company culture is perhaps one of the most important parts of your business operation. Companies are often sharing their values and character through their branding and social media but do not extend this to their recruitment process. We believe this is really important (read more about that here)!

Here at Swanstaff we try to share our fun side when advertising jobs, for example our “Super-Recruiter” advert!

Swanstaff Recruiter advert

Here are four ways your recruitment campaigns can reflect your company culture and help you find the right candidate for your company:

  1. Share your culture - don't be afraid to let people know what it's REALLY like to work for you including examples.
  2. It’s okay to outsource - Let the experts (Recruiters) sell your culture for you - it's their role to represent your company in it's best light.
  3. Like attracts like - Create content that would make you choose a job (if you were looking!) Speak to your staff about what appealed to them when job hunting and communicate this!
  4. Picture this - Share visuals and videos - it's the best way to raise your profile, attract talent and get engagement on social media.

So you've found out HOW you can communicate your company culture in your recruitment process, but WHY is it so vital? Click here to find out!

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