Social Media for Recruiters - Building Your Recruiting Brand on Social Media

By Tony Restell

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A big thanks to Louise Triance and the team at UK Recruiter who asked me to address their readers this week on the topic of Social Media for Recruiters. Or more specifically, to demonstrate the opportunity that exists to become one of the most talked about recruiting brands in your niche through the effective use of social media. The session was really well received and so I wanted to post a recording here for any recruiters who missed out and would like to catch up on the session Social Media for Recruiters at a later date. Please find the recording embedded below.

Working with recruitment businesses on their social strategies on a daily basis, I've tried to share real-world insights regarding what's working (and what's not!) plus actionable steps and tips that you can put into practice in your recruiting business today. But no discussion on Social Media for Recruiters would be complete without also giving a healthy dose of realism about the time investment required to do this effectively. There's so much focus on social media marketing being "free", but the reality is that dedicated resource is needed to exploit the opportunity here - simply asking one of your recruiters to handle social media "in a spare few minutes each week" isn't going to get you anywhere.

Video Recording: Social Media for Recruiters [How To Build Your Recruiting Brand on Social Media]

Social Media for recruiting: By the time you've watched this hour-long session you'll appreciate how a strong social media presence can attract a steady flow of targeted candidates to your business. How it can spark conversations with potential clients and elevate you to a position of authority in the niche recruiting markets you serve. But you'll also appreciate that you have to have the right social media strategy in place; and you have to know how to deliver on that strategy.

If you'd like to accelerate the pace at which your business pounces on this opportunity, you're very welcome to schedule a call with the Social-Hire team to talk through your business and devise the right social media strategy. Just book in a convenient time here.

Slides: Social Media for Recruiters


Building your recruiting brand on social media from tonyrestell

FYI: if you didn't know Social-Hire already, we’re a social media outsourcing company focused exclusively on serving clients in the recruitment sector. We help recruitment businesses, recruitment technology companies, in-house recruiting teams, job boards and the like develop the right social media strategy…. and then deliver on that strategy day in day out. And we do all that for less than the cost of an intern. If you’d like to talk through your current social media strategy and ways we could work with you, simply request a callback and we'd be delighted to help.

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The kind of stuff that Social Hire do...

At Social Hire, we don't just do social.

What the Social Hire gang loves is making a difference for our clients, and we don't want to waste your, or our resources on marketing for marketing's sake, if it doesn't get your organisation the impression you need - we take a different approach.

We create and implement original social media marketing plans that help our customers accomplish their organisational objectives and build up their online footprint.

We're an organisation that helps our clients boost their social media presence by providing social media marketing on a monthly basis.

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