Social Recruitment Strategy: Three Companies to Learn From - ANN INC.

By Lindsay Shoemake, JWT INSIDE Account Coordinator

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Spring is in the air, and so is the fast-paced season of spring hiring for employers across the nation. With job seekers looking to make a fresh start with a new company, implementing a dynamic social strategy to entice the best new hires is imperative. ANN INC. is a stylish, social dynamo in this sector, and a key player to learn from. Let’s take a look and delve into what’s working for ANN INC., with a few takeaways to consider for your own company’s social hiring strategy.

Create Specialized Social Channels.
ANN INC. is committed to their social strategy on both the retail and hiring fronts. The brand has created separate, distinct accounts to support their product offerings (@AnnTaylor and @LOFT) and their company’s culture (@ANNLOFTCareers), which is a smart move to make as an employer. Creating specialized, recruitment-specific social media channels not only deters any brand confusion, but also illustrates a company’s unique culture, which will surely resonate with the most eligible candidates.

Lend a Helping Social Hand.
Even the most career-driven candidates seek advice and affirmation from time to time. Something that is unique about ANN INC.’s Twitter account is that it seamlessly and consistently doles out pertinent career advice and inspiration, conveying to its audience that ANN INC. truly cares about and invests in its following. Pure feel-good, social genius.

Show More Than You Tell.
Singing 140-character praises about your company only goes so far in the social sphere. Thanks to the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, leveraging eye-catching, on-brand visuals to intrigue new hires is a reality. ANN INC. caught onto this quickly, and as a result has built a loyal Instagram and Pinterest following, with over 9,000 combined followers of the platforms. Any given scroll through their Instagram will give users glimpses into employee workspaces, corporate gatherings, inspirational graphics and, of course, racks of luxurious clothing. Pinterest undoubtedly follows suit, with boards showcasing everything from how to keep warm in the office to finance team building.

Update in Real Time.
Another admirable aspect of ANN INC.’s social recruitment strategy is the fact that they don’t miss a beat when it comes to posting new opportunities to join their team. Just this week ANN INC.’s Twitter feed was updated with 5 new employment opportunities, complete with #hiring hashtags and relevant visuals – an impeccable shot of a stunning shoe closet, of course!

ANN INC. is certainly one to watch in the social recruitment sphere, for their creative, on-brand tactics, willingness to connect the dots from job application to hire for their followers, and the creation of recruitment-specific social channels. Keep up with the brand’s stylish hiring updates here:

- Career Website
- Twitter
- Pinterest
- Instagram 
- YouTube
- Vine – Search “ANNLoftCareers”

Tune in next week for the second part of JWT INSIDE's “Social Recruitment Strategy: Three Companies to Learn From” series. 

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