Social Recruitment Strategy: Three Companies to Learn From – Disney Parks Careers

By Lindsay Shoemake, JWT INSIDE Account Coordinator

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Ever dreamed of growing up and becoming a Disney princess or prince? Now your shot at joining the Disney Parks’ royal ranks is a reality, thanks to Disney Parks Careers’ impressive and expansive social recruiting presence. Expertly broken down into a niche segment, Disney Parks Careers expertly leverages its whimsical reputation to attract the best talent to staff its famous theme parks around the globe. Disney Parks Careers uses three major social media channels – LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook – to target and educate its audience on what makes for a great park employee. Let’s take a closer look and see how these three channels are correctly used to form a cohesive social recruitment strategy of magical proportions.

Disney Parks Careers is consistently on-brand.
Disney Parks Careers’ LinkedIn page is visual proof that staying authentic and on-brand is important to Disney’s expansive recruitment team. The LinkedIn account is regularly updated with one-off job postings, as well as links to numerous open positions on Disney’s internal career portal. Relevant and eye-catching graphics are also posted to the page’s timeline for various positions, such as park photographers, characters and more to boost user engagement and brand credibility. Disney never loses its established reputation of magic and memories, expertly tying that messaging into job postings throughout the LinkedIn page.

Source :Disney Careers LinkedIn

YouTube is leveraged as an educational hiring tool.
Uniquely, Disney sets its applicants up for success even before scheduling the first interview. Disney Parks Careers’ YouTube channel not only features park and resort footage, but it also showcases an entire series of educational videos from recruiters highlighting Disney’s one-of-a-kind and competitive hiring process. Videos are available to inform viewers on everything – from how to put together a successful resume to footage of insider perspectives of the company. Not only do these videos convey that Disney cares about the success of its potential new hires, but they also remind viewers that Disney is committed to excellence in staffing each of its parks. In addition to its Disney Recruiter Insights series, the channel also features video collections of Disney Professional Internships, Disney/ABC Group footage and Heroes Work Here – a series that specifically targets hiring veterans to work in Disney parks.

Source: Disney Careers YouTube

 Diversity is valued and sufficiently promoted.
Disney Parks Careers’ Facebook page is similar to LinkedIn and YouTube in that it adequately promotes job openings in real-time through on-brand images, videos and postings. However, the account is also is committed to promoting diversity within its new hires by targeting and segmenting different demographic groups for its park positions. With one scroll down the page, women, bilingual applicants and veterans are all included and called out within the recruitment spectrum. By being all-inclusive in its social recruitment strategy, Disney will have a greater chance at attracting the attention of the best, most diverse talent for its rapidly growing workforce.

Source: Disney Parks Careers Facebook 

Do you agree that Disney’s social recruitment strategy is magical? Although the brand’s social recruitment tactics are innovative and engaging, we can’t help but wonder why these great channels aren’t more notably showcased on Disney’s career site! Social media managers, take note. Keep up with Disney Parks Careers and take note of their social recruitment efforts by following the links below:

Disney Parks Careers site
- Facebook
- LinkedIn
- YouTube

About the author: Lindsay Shoemake is an Account Coordinator at JWT INSIDE, which focuses recruitment advertising and employer branding. 

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