Some Interviewers Are Too Smart For Their Own Good

By Martin Ellis

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I sometimes wonder if it's me....?

I've heard about all these really clever questions to ask at a job interview that will really sort the wheat from the chaff, but they whizz past me - and I can't help it, but I have to say to myself "WHAT PLANET DO THESE PEOPLE INHABIT ?!?!"

You know the sort of questions I mean:

- "How do you fit a giraffe in a fridge ?"
- "Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses ?"
- "How many ways can you get a needle out of a haystack ?"

Or even....

- "What colour are you today ?"

There's even one example where the poor candidate was asked to dance! - Only read that if you want your brain put through a blender.....

I don't get it. It's lost on me. What is going through the mind of anybody facile enough to think these questions have any reason?

What makes it worse is the BBC actually found a bunch of nutters who admit they saw them as a good idea - and were happy to be quoted: Click here only if you want your sense of sanity questioned

I have to admit, I considered giving it all up and spending the rest of my days in a dark corner with a damp towel over my head - then sanity prevailed: Google (somehow I'm not surprised it was Google) have admitted they used these sorts of questions for years and they are, and I quote, "Useless".

So for all of you who have been wondering if you've been interviewing right, you can be re-assured you probably were. That's more likely if you just ask damn good open questions and probe the answers you don't understand or believe.

Life is only as complicated as we wish to make it. The idiots who peddle this rot to make themselves more important and justify their existence have just received a firm poke in the eye.



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