Taking Steps to Social Recruiting

By Simon Leeming

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Social Recruiting is growing, we are seeing more companies use LinkedIn and Twitter on a daily basis. Many others are stepping further into video job descriptions, custom applications with Facebook , ‘pinning’ jobs to Pinterest Boards etc. The ‘Social Media Marketing’ sphere goes beyond LinkedIn , Facebook and Twitter to company Blogs, Image and Video sharing platforms, and a close association with Search Engine Optimisation as well as Paid Online Advertising. These should all be considered within your Social Strategy.

Taking Steps to Social Recruiting

You may have read articles relating to the shift from the use of Job Boards to Social Media sites – a lot of these comments have been made in reaction to an increase in stock prices for social platform providers and a decline within some of the job board vendors. To a certain extent this is true, but the reality is that the job boards we know today are moving into the social space – take Monster as an example, ensuring their application is integrated with Facebook. Job boards will certainly not go out of business, but the their internet traffic will be heavily influenced by Social Marketing behaviour. Social Marketing Recruiting and Job Boards work together.

Go Where Your Prospects Are...

In the UK alone more than half of the population are users of LinkedIn , Facebook or Twitter – when you add the likes of Youtube, Flickr, Pinterest, Google+ etc the percentage and growing trend continues to rise.

More people are finding job roles through connections and recommendations and enterprises are keen to be part of this circle – as with many areas of business – its not so much about what you know, it's who you know. With this in mind it is important to build strong communities and to consistently engage. Like any other business, recruiters should be keeping in touch with their existing placements and connections. One thing to avoid is having a database full of potential candidates who have not been kept in the loop or contacted as other brands will certainly get into their minds – using social networks effectively will keep a recruiter in the mind of the passive candidate without employing a ‘hard sales’ approach.

It takes Research!

Social Recruiting has gone way beyond simply updating social platforms with job posts – Recruiting is like any other business and if it is going to be successful you need to research your market – understand what your clients are looking for and analyse what your competition are doing to cause you headaches…

The above is an extract from Social Media Stream’s in depth White Paper on Social Recruiting. Click Here to download the complete article on the Social Recruiting options for your business.

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