Talent Acquisition Misconceptions

By Irina Nagy

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Companies today are forced to face a big talent challenge…acquiring, developing and retaining employees while always reflecting the key business goals of the organization. Employers want to make the most of their talent but are getting more and more concerned about their ability to leverage human capital. Successful companies are managed by people who understand that talent management is a complex discipline and that a talent management strategy must be included into the overall strategic planning process to ensure that both employees and the company are driving towards the same goals.

Therefore, as discussed in one of our previous blogs, it should be every company’s mission to cultivate their employee performance and commitment at every stage.

But, there are few points that every employer should be aware of before making any important hiring decisions:

Top 3 talent acquisition misconceptions :

1.       A good salary attracts top performers

Compensation is one of the things candidates will look for when applying to jobs but, if you want top performers to be interested and apply for your vacancies, money alone is not sufficient. Some people work for personal fulfillment or to accomplish goals and feel as if they are contributing to something important. Others truly love what they do or some people like change and challenge. Therefore, offering a good/competitive salary is important but other factors like the company’s reputation, opportunities for training and career progression or rewards and recognition are also extremely crucial in attracting great talent and need to be pointed out as well.

2.       Experienced candidates should always get the job

Hiring the right people in the first place it’s a sure way to decrease turnover so it is important to choose those people who share the company’s values, in addition to having the right skill-sets. Looking for individuals that fit within the corporate culture is just as important as finding someone who has all the skill sets desired. Unfortunately, most companies tend to settle for individuals who lack the necessary dedication but are a perfect fit for the job requirements and not for the ones who are passionate and driven, thus more likely to thrive.

3.       Recruiting talent stops at hiring

Effective organizations extend the acquisition process into the onboarding process as recruiting and retaining the best people in an increasingly competitive market is a strategic priority. The average skilled employee knows within 3-6 months whether they will remain long-term in an organization. An effective onboarding program can have a great impact on turnover and should never be reduced to a simple administrative process. Retaining talent is as important as acquiring it and it’s much cheaper than constantly recruiting new employees.

There are lots of brilliant candidates out there and finding the perfect fit for a company lays in the hands of every employer looking for talent.  So, be wise, follow these guidelines and make a good investment in your company’s future!


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