The Future of Recruiting Software & Affordable Tools to Consider

By Kelsey Reaves

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Between dozens of recruiting sites and countless professional profiles floating online, human resources personnel at all types and sizes of organizations can get easily overwhelmed. Wading through candidate credentials can consume hours that could be better spent training new recruits, offering relational assistance, and boosting company performance. On the other hand, paying a staffing agency to screen and help you select candidates can be costly, despite saving the manpower. 

But recruiting software tools can conserve time and money by integrating with job posting platforms and social profile sites in order to narrow your search and streamline communication with applicants. With the right tool, you can cull top talent without stretching your HR top talent too thin.

More Sophisticated Than Posting and Waiting

Instead of slapping up a job description and waiting for the right candidates to stumble upon it, recruiting software vendors increasingly focus on treating applicants more like customers - individuals to woo, nurture, and engage. “People aggregator sourcing” is a future-facing social approach that culls candidates not just from social/recruiting sites like LinkedIn, but other social media data as well.

The most prevalent type of recruiting tools currently on the market either focus solely on, or prominently feature, applicant tracking. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) support the internal and external processes of hiring candidates, from collecting and managing resumes and corresponding with applicants to communicating between departments within an organization to streamline the search and decision-making processes. A must-have feature of ATS software is the ability to post across free and paid job boards. Email and resume parsing are also standard and scheduling features. Analytic reporting and social integration are plusses that allows the user to go down the path of treating new recruits like new customers.

Top Tools to Revolutionize Your Search

The right recruiting software will automate the searching and hiring processes so you can find the best people more easily. But which one is the best fit for your company?

Software review sites offer ratings and reviews from authenticated customers, as well as charts that compare products based on end-user satisfaction ratings and search frequency. Here are the top recruiting software products pulled from real user reviews:


JobDiva is an ATS and talent management solution. According to the vendor, the platform combines CRM, BI analytics, a mobile app, and synchronization with all major job boards. It’s an all-in-one platform that allows recruiters to find candidates for every open position without having to hop from one site to another to manage postings and interactions.


JazzHR aims to help organizations leave behind antiquated hiring methods with features like job requisition management, job site posting, social media integration, customized application form, and more. Users shared that JazzHR is easy for new users to pick up on, and that the syndication of jobs to various job boards has streamlined and revolutionized their organization’s hiring process. 


This tool is a web-based talent acquisition and staffing management software with built-in ad-hoc reporting and customizable dashboards. According to the vendor website, the platform includes resume scanning, cloud-based ATS, outlook integration, HR-XML standard, mobile recruiting, and social media integration.


Greenhouse is also a cloud-based ATS integrated with social network sites and Outlook. It offers applicant scorecards, interview kits, and robust analytics that will help you discover what’s working. Users found that Greenhouse made it easier to move through the entire process of recruiting, from posting jobs and reviewing resumes to scheduling interviews and gathering candidate feedback.

As recruiting tools adapt to the changing needs and environment of talent recruiting, the focus will stay the same: cutting out all the excessive paperwork so recruiters can find the best candidates.

What recruiting tools have you found most helpful? If you’re still searching, which features do you currently consider most important?


Hannah West writes about the newest technology tools and trends for TrustRadius and is the author of young adult fantasy novels Kingdom of Ash and Briars and upcoming Realm of Ruins. She holds a degree in French that rarely comes in handy and lives in Texas with her husband.

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