What Recruiting Behaviors Say About Your Organization

By Tess Curle Taylor, PHR, CPC

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Recruiting potential employees can be a difficult process, especially if you are giving them the wrong impression from the get-go. Recruiters are generally the front line that potential employees will meet from your company, so you need to make sure that they are behaving properly when interacting with your candidates.

Getting to the Root Cause of Poor Hires

Often, an organization may be puzzled as to why they are not attracting better talent or making good hires. If this is the case, consider how recruitment behavior may be influencing results. If you change the four behaviors outlined in this post, your company should see its recruitment results improve.

Screening Candidates by Previous Job Titles Held

This is a major no-no in recruiting today. Companies cannot be successful in the recruitment of talent if they only hire candidates who have held the same job title of the position being filled. This makes lateral job changes nearly impossible in the job market. Your company will also be putting candidates at a major disadvantage because you are not digging deep into their skills and career history. Be flexible and evaluate candidates based on skills rather than former job titles.

Not Increasing Wages for Difficult-to-Fill Positions

When it comes to finding top talent and filling open jobs, companies that bid the highest for talent will secure that talent. Despite this, many companies will refuse to increase the compensation for positions that remain unfilled. These hard-to-fill jobs will more than likely remain vacant if the company does not increase the compensation for them. A weaker applicant pool will present itself when your company offers flat or uncompetitive wages. When this happens, you will also experience a larger number of offers turned down by candidates.

Shooting Down Long-Term Unemployed

Companies that do not give chances to the long-term unemployed are hurting their recruiting process and their relationship with potential employees. People talk, especially on social networks, which means that bad word about your company can reach potential employees quickly.

Long-term unemployed candidates have the skills and experience needed to get the job done, for the most part. As a company, there is no reason to overlook long-term unemployed candidates in favor of those who hold a job. Many long-term unemployed are in that situation due to bad luck or a personal decision.

Recruiting Solely for Job Openings

Companies that recruit only when they have job openings are severely hurting themselves in the process of finding top talent. When a company actively recruits, it can reduce their time to hire by almost two weeks. Recruiting only when a position becomes available tends to thin the herd and leaves a company in the lurch when it comes to having top talent to choose from. Recruiting on a continuous basis can make it easier to find top talent and onboard them.

The way your company recruits its candidates says a lot about you. Do not let these practices negatively impact your talent pool or give your company a bad name with the public.

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