4 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your SEO Results

By Laura Philipps

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Social media and SEO are two parts of your overall digital marketing strategy, but the former can heavily influence the latter when done right. Whether you are looking to do SEO on your own, or are looking to outsource to something like SEO Brisbane, using social media can be an especially effective way to drive traffic to your site and improve SEO while your site is still young and your content is still in the process of ranking in the SERPs. With that in mind, below are 4 ways social media can improve your SEO results. 


As a Platform for Your Content 


Social media, and particularly Facebook, should form an integral part of your content marketing strategy. In addition to using Facebook to build and engage with your community, it should also be one of the primary sources of traffic driven to your site. Any time you have a new piece of content or offer to publish, you should be advertising it to your Facebook followers along with a link to the content, encouraging them to click through and visit your site. Your website’s traffic has an impact on where in the search results it appears, so the more people that are visiting your site, the more popular it appears to search engines, and the higher up the SERPs it will likely be placed. 


Facebook and other social media platforms where you have cultivated followings can also help improve SEO. They are places to spur discussion and get people to like, comment, and hopefully share. An informative or provocative piece of content shared with your followers can end up making the rounds far from your personal or business Facebook page, which increases the likelihood that more people will click on your links and visit your article and site. 


Creating Brand Advocates


Online brand mentions are becoming an increasingly important part of search engine success for online businesses. While links are still the foundation of page rank, your “implied links,” or references to your site--on social media, on other relevant and authoritative websites--also help boost your visibility in the search engine results. If you are getting serious about tracking your brand mentions, tools like Hootsuite can help you find all of your social media mentions. This is also a good way to build leads


One of the easiest and most consistent ways to increase your brand mentions online is to grow your social media user base, entertain and keep them stimulated by great content, and have them act as brand ambassadors for you wherever they go. Whether they are talking you up to friends and family, mentioning you in YouTube and Reddit comments, or dropping your name in their own blog writing online, using your social media to create brand advocates can have an outsized impact on your SEO. 


Understanding Your Audience 


Social media can also improve your SEO by giving you better insight into your customers and target demographics. Using your social media channels to gauge reactions to content ideas and understanding what people are talking about gives you insight into what they want to read and watch. You can then set about making this content, which has, in essence, already been focused grouped for you, that stands a better chance of being well-received, read, clicked on and shared. 


Understanding your audience in the context of the social media-SEO relationship also means understanding when your audience is most likely to engage with the content you post. An important part of optimizing social media’s impact on your SEO involves knowing when to show your followers new content in order to maximize engagement. There are usually days of the week and even specific hours when your user base is most active and likely to see and engage with new content. 




Hashtags work for all of the main social media platforms--Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok--and they can have a major impact on your visibility. Using hashtags in Twitter, for instance, helps people find your tweets quickly, which helps with brand recognition and builds your traffic. Failing to incorporate Twitter into your SEO game leaves you with a seriously incomplete social media-SEO strategy. 


The same can be said of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok hashtags. Make sure you understand hashtagging conventions on each platform because they do change a bit. But, any time you have a new piece of content or something that links back to your website, proper hashtag use can dramatically increase the number of people seeing your posts, following the links, sharing them and mentioning your brand. 




Social media and SEO are technically separate elements of digital marketing, and in many cases, they require different approaches. A good overall SEO strategy understands the downstream impacts of social media on traffic and conversions. How you use your social media channels indirectly influences your PageRank, how your brand is mentioned online and how much, and even what kind of site traffic you enjoy. It is essential to keep all of that in mind as you establish and build your social media presence.


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