6 Surprising Ways Social Media Strategy Improves a Business

By Ginger Abbot

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Businesses are always on the lookout for effective growth strategies. While that might mean adjusting your website so it’s easier to use or investing in more effective ads, it should also include refreshing your team’s approach to social media. These are a few surprising ways the ideal strategy improves a business and helps any team reach their marketing or sales goals.

1. It Builds Your Credibility


Some clients may purchase goods or services from a business because it’s the only option in their town. If they see that same company posting tips and informative content online, they’re more likely to return because they trust in its proven expertise.


Building credibility is how a social media strategy helps your business in the short term. Consider the MindBodyGreen brand. It’s a health and wellness company covering a range of topics that might seem like a far reach for people who haven’t read about their star signs or balanced their hormones with diet adjustments before.


When the company posts on Facebook and references the doctorate in clinical psychology the author received in the caption, the reader is more likely to click the link.

2. It Increases Client Referrals


Referrals are another one of the benefits of a social media strategy. Provide your social media handles on business cards and receipts. Encourage clients to leave a review or tag them in any posts they make that show off your work, like a roof repair or flower arrangement. When their friends see your business tagged in the impressive reviews or pictures, your company gets more exposure than just word-of-mouth.

3. It Improves Exposure and Sales


Providing exposure for goods or services is the best way to gain new and returning customers. Instead of relying on window arrangements or TV ads, use social media platforms to reach consumers on the apps they’re already using.


Rally House is a specialty sport merchandise store that improves its exposure and sales by posting regularly on numerous social media accounts. Its tweets and posts describe the benefits of its latest products and what followers will gain by getting one for themselves, like the pride of repping their favorite team or investing in high-quality jerseys.


The brand gets more exposure and increases sales by maintaining and growing its following with appropriate content. Continual social media use is the best way to use your platforms to improve your business if you’re looking to boost sales or grow your consumer base.

4. It Enhances Brand Personalization


Most people don’t shop at places where they don’t feel a personal connection. They might prefer to know the owners or find something in common with the brand’s core values. Personalizing a company’s voice is how a social media strategy helps your business overnight.


The Wendy’s Twitter account is a great example. Without these posts, its commercials would make the brand feel more dry and professional. Its witty, viral tweets have gained it a unique identity within the food industry. People look forward to the next post and may purchase food from Wendy’s over its competitors because they enjoy the company’s online persona so much.

5. It Allows for Industry Collaboration


Social media connects companies with new and existing customers, but it also opens doors for industry collaboration. Aldi is one of the many supermarket chains looking to tap into the wellness sector of consumers that wants products like sugar-free or organic foods. It uses its Instagram platform to post about related brands that already have an established presence with that same audience.


Working with another well-known brand that already has the attention of consumers you need exposure to is one of the many benefits of a social media strategy that includes collaboration. Consider which companies would repost your content that shows off your affiliation and get immediate exposure to new targeted consumers.

6. It Generates More Feedback


People may not have the time to speak with a manager about their feedback, even if they have something positive to say. They might also want to avoid a face-to-face interaction over a negative experience. That’s why 67% of consumers use social media for customer service needs, like addressing complaints or providing praise.


Becoming more active online means monitoring the posts that tag your brand or use your hashtags. You’ll get instant access to more feedback and resolve issues faster. Your clients will be impressed with a speedy response, which could result in a strengthened consumer relationship.

Improve Your Business With Social Media 


There are many ways social media strategy improves a business, but these are some of the top reasons. You’ll get more exposure, increase sales and even build better trust with your audience by using your online presence strategically. Plan content that informs and entertains while monitoring your user interactions to benefit from the many ways social media can help your business.


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