How to Emphasize a Multicultural Business Identity on Social Media

By Ginger Abbot

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Consumer markets are specific to the product or services offered, but one thing remains true across industries — audiences are constantly changing. The national population is becoming more diverse each year, affecting brand loyalty and customer connections. This guide explains how to emphasize a multicultural business identity on social media to reach your core demographic and remain relevant.

1. Work With Diverse Team Members


Anyone trying to understand multicultural marketing and its importance for your brand should start by reflecting on the critical components of representation. Consumers won’t want to support brands who say they listen and learn from underrepresented communities but don’t demonstrate it in their hiring policies. Lacking diversity in professional teams also creates inauthentic marketing campaigns.


Multicultural marketing strategies leverage external perspectives that consumers find relatable, understanding and inviting. They’ll disregard brands that invent voices or experiences from other backgrounds or cultures. Hire diverse team members within your marketing team and your multicultural campaigns will thrive from real-life feedback and innovative ideas.

2. Introduce Your Brand’s Employees


People know that brands understand their desire for diverse companies. They also know those same brands likely don’t start their multicultural efforts at home. Black professionals in the U.S. make up only 3.2% of senior leadership positions in the workforce. Hispanic and Asian Americans comprise even less than that.


After hiring more diverse leaders for your brand, post about them on your social media. Introducing them to your audience demonstrates your company’s willingness to include diverse perspectives in leadership positions and validates future posts regarding your brand’s multicultural beliefs, plans or efforts.

3. Tell Your Story


Every successful business features a website page dedicated to the brand’s story. It creates a personal connection with each customer, but people will only find that page if they navigate a company’s website. They’re more likely to interact with brands through daily social media use, so talk about your brand’s story in monthly posts.


Monthly posts will update new followers about the companies they’re interested in and provide new stats for curious consumers. State Van Rental mentions how they serve clients from seven European countries with bilingual employees to reinstate their multicultural reach. It’s a valuable statistic to include in a social media post because potential customers will feel represented and cared for without contacting the company to inquire about bilingual service options.


Without posting your brand’s story and relevant statistics on social media, useful information will get lost on your company’s page. Connect with longtime and new customers by reminding them what your brand represents and why it’s so successful.

4. Include Your Core Message


As you read about multicultural marketing and its importance for your brand, make a note about wrapping your core message or vision into future campaigns. Your company’s vision is the first thing that makes consumers trust your brand. Each social media profile should define it clearly and demonstrate it through each post.


Updates about ongoing service commitments in underrepresented communities or outreach to organizations that help those people are equally as essential as explaining your brand’s commitment to diversity and service in a mission statement. Videos are another excellent way to demonstrate your multicultural identity.

5. Research the Target Audience


Many brands want to reshape their online presence to expand their consumer demographics. The best way to do that is by reaching people where they spend most of their time. Research shows that 52% of Hispanic Americans use Instagram every day, while only 49% of Black Americans and 35% of White Americans say the same.


If your brand needed to reach more Black Americans, Instagram wouldn’t be the best platform to prioritize in upcoming marketing campaigns based on that research. Finding out which segments of your target audience use which social media sites will make your multicultural efforts more effective.

Emphasize a Multicultural Business Identity


Anyone who learns how to emphasize a multicultural business identity on social media can immediately change their team or company’s marketing strategies. Reflect on things like your business’ current diversity, which platforms you focus on and any multicultural statistics about your existing company. Demonstrating these things through social media updates will connect your consumers with your business and build a stronger sense of brand identity.


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