How to Hire the Best Employees Using Social Media

By Shane Barker

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To attract the best candidates, you need to become a marketer.

Filling job vacancies is a challenge for most companies, regardless of the company size.


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The shortage of talented individuals has become a problem and only proactive companies with innovative recruitment business strategies will thrive. These strategies make hiring remote talents is now easier.

But why should you care about attracting the right talent using social media?

35% of job seekers find out about job openings on social media. 41% of young job candidates also use social media when searching for jobs. Social media is an effective platform for hiring tech talent.

How can you leverage social media to attract great candidates?

Read on to discover some of the top tried-and-tested social recruitment strategies.

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1. Optimize Your Online Presence

While cat videos can make you go viral on social media, they don't really scream, "Work for Us!" You can use the video maker tool to create optimize video content.

To successfully do that, you need a marketing plan to promote your brand on social media and build a fan following. Ensure that you clearly showcase what you do, your work culture, and the benefits of working at your company on social media.

Wondering how to get started?

Here are a few steps you can follow:

  • Find out which social media channels your potential candidates visit frequently.
  • Use these channels to showcase what makes you unique.
  • Build a powerful brand by telling real, authentic, and relatable stories.
  • Showcase your organization’s work culture. Feature photos of employees having fun at work or taking part in good causes.
  • Post job opportunities. Use your social media accounts to kickstart career opportunities.
  • Post a detail about work description with questions such as field technician interview questions, and other job-related. 
  • Offer helpful resources. Use them to build credibility and attract passive candidates.
  • Describe and explain tools and tactics to manage remote teams.

Due to the rise of the LinkedIn recruiter, LinkedIn has become a very reliable and most attractive social platform to attract the right candidate for your company.

2. Optimize Your Social Media Content Strategy

Imagine losing out on a top-tier candidate all because you got lost in the mix.

Sad, right?

The number of companies competing to hire top talent is high but that does not mean your company cannot stand out.

You can stand out if you utilize the best content marketing strategies on social media.

It could be a video of an exciting project you've started, corporate activities you participated in, or the awards you've won.

Does your office have an in-house gym, ping-pong tables, or a state-of-the-art cafeteria?

Share all of this information on your social profiles.

Here are some other social media recruiting tips you can employ to attract top talent:

  • Use the right hashtags. Incorporate hashtags candidates use when searching for work along with branded hashtags.
  • Find the right time to post content.
  • Leverage Live videos and Stories.
  • Advertise open job opportunities on social media.
  • Engage with your target audience.

You can create a universal interview URL using Zoom meetings and can share it with your hire campaigns on social media platforms so candidates can be aware of the online interview process over online tools.

3. Manage Your Online Reputation

Most recruiting managers don't see the connection between bad reviews and the kind of talent they get.

In a 2018 study, 66% of recruiters stated that poor reviews have little or no impact on recruiting. Surprisingly, only 34% of them recognized how online ratings affect their ability to attract talented candidates.

And what makes these statistics even worse?

57% of employees won’t apply to work at a company that has negative reviews.

People make decisions on which car, furniture, or shoes to buy based on online reviews. Similarly, they also look up to reviews when they make a decision to accept or reject a job offer.

What should you do?

You should use social listening tools to monitor your company reviews online. Find out what former and current employees say about your company and respond to their reviews and ratings professionally. Additionally, to create videos you can leverage the video maker tool on your employee's job experience and learning opportunities such as English courses for business communication, personal health, and other supports. 

Address inflammatory or negative reviews with a cool head and invite candidates to contact you directly to resolve their issues or discuss their concerns about work culture, employee training, and growth opportunities. Also, you can mention your online training maker module to explain about your in-house training process.

You should also:

  • Encourage employees to offer feedback on review sites.
  • Claim your business on employee review sites. Doing this allows you to manage the page and have greater control over your online reputation. You can respond to reviews, edit company profile information, list employee perks, and provide a link to your site.
  • Be honest when recruiting. Do not over-promise during the recruitment process. You can mention a virtual coffee platform for virtual interviews and meeting.
  • Invest in hiring leaders who can inspire their teams. Your managers have a significant impact on employee engagement, retention, and reviews.
  • Promote your employee engagement ideas that make happy to your employees.
  • Involve employees in sharing your branded content and achievements on social media.
  • Create and share an SOS document for working procedures.
  • Attracting the Right Candidates is a Lot Easier with Social Media
  • Offer tips and guides for remote working employees to stay them engage with your work perfectly.
  • You can educate your team on how to create engaging blog content, publish videos and create podcasts. It will help attract the right talent for your team and also they will share it with their friends. You can share the best tips or resources kit.

There are numerous benefits to using social media to source great candidates for your team. It can help you showcase your work culture while improving the quality and quantity of employees you hire. Also, you can screen the right candidates using practical ways like- organizing group tasks, stimulation based gaming, and many more.

Using these social media strategies can help you cut down on the time and money spent searching for talented individuals and helpful in talent management and attraction. They can help you build a great workforce that fits right into your company culture.

Do you need more social media recruitment tactics or have any questions about the ones above? Leave a comment below. I’m always happy to help.

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