Marketing, It's Nothing To Be Scared Of

By Emma Saldanha

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Over the last couple of weeks, I have been explaining the ‘L.E.G.O principle for marketing success’ to you. I have discussed how to plan your campaign (Lay it all out) and looked at the time and budget that is needed to execute a campaign (Estimate).

This article delves into the G from L.E.G.O – Get going.

You’ve done the ground work for the campaign, now it is time to execute it.

This is where most people get scared or shy away from doing it and put it into the ‘do it tomorrow’ list. And, then it just never happens.

My advice is to not hang around, and go for it. The longer you leave it the more reasons (or excuses) you will find for not doing it.


Get going or loose out

I’ve spoken to many business owners over the years and they all state that marketing is a key component to business success, but yet I in 5 don’t any sort of marketing.

These businesses are at risk of losing out to business who are actively marketing their business, service and products.


What are these business scared of?

Some people embrace new experiences and others shy away from it. When it comes to running a business, we all have to do things that are outside of comfort zone, and this includes marketing.

They might be afraid that it will be a total waste of time, it won’t generate the results they wanted, it will be an expensive exercise or, in some cases I’ve even heard that it may generate too many leads and the business might not be able to cope with it!

If you follow stages one and two from the ‘L.E.G.O principle for success’ your campaign will be targeted at the right audience, in the right place and you will have set a budget that your business can afford.

What are waiting for

I hope the message you take from this post is, it doesn’t matter if you start off slow and steady or race off at top speed, as long as you get going. You don’t know if it will be a success or failure until you go for it.

Next week I will be looking at the final stage of the L.E.G.O principle – Observe.

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