5 ways to boost your entry level CV

By Andrew Fennell

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Writing your first CV can be very challenging. It’s difficult to know exactly how you should structure your CV and often you won’t have much experience to include in it.

So StandOut CV have created this useful guide showing 5 ways you can boost your own school leaver CV and gain your first step on the career ladder.

The first hurdle to building a strong entry level CV, is to gain some easy-access experience, which is essentially work experience you can gain without landing a job first. Some good examples of such experience are voluntary work, school or university work placements and freelance work online.

Another excellent way to strengthen your CV, is by enrolling in a vocational course and adding it your CV. It’s a great way to show that you’ve committed to a specific industry and you can detail the skills you are learning.

Personal projects can also make a great addition to a junior CV, such as writing an online blog, creating an online work portfolio or organising events. To ensure that your CV gains maximum exposure, you should upload your CV to plenty of job board CV databases and network regularly on LinkedIn.

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