Essential Traits for the Charity Industry

By Hubert Dwight

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It takes a special kind of individual to work and be successful in a charity organisation. You need to be dedicated to making a difference. But your hard work will not be in vain as working for a charity is extremely rewarding.

Various skills are needed for different jobs within the industry

There are many different jobs in the charity sector. We have all seen charity fundraisers on the street of our towns and cities, working face to face with the public, raising funds and awareness. However, it is not all just about the initial fundraising. Charities couldn’t function without any administration teams. From communication managers to digital media officers, it is vital that charities find employees in a wide variety of roles.

Personality traits that will help you succeed in your charity job

If you are considering a job in charity work, it is important to recognise whether or not you possess the right qualities. The best charity workers have an agreeable personality. Being friendly and approachable will aid you well in the charity industry.  You must be very trustworthy with a high level of integrity. You may be asking people to trust you with their facility, events and money,which is a serious responsibility. Working in an environment where team work and trust is important, it is essential that you can show you won’t let people down.

A job in charity work can be fast paced and exciting. You will need a lot of energy! Having an energetic approach to your work will inspire others around you and show how much your work means to you. Coming to work every day with a “can do” attitude is greatly appreciated and a sought after quality in the charity industry. You will also need to be adaptable and flexible. Hours spent on organising a project can be unravelled in a matter of minutes and you need to be able to adapt quickly to figure out a new solution.

Charities in the UK range in size from small local organisations to nationwide, household names. But no matter the size, a charity cannot be successful if its workers don’t gel together. Good team work skills are essential. It is important that you are able to communicate with the wide variety of people you may encounter in your role. A good team produce the best results and getting along with your colleagues will also mean you will get greater job satisfaction. It is important to enjoy your work as you will be better at it if you are happy.

A good imagination is key to good charity work. No matter what area of the charity you would like to work in, it is important that you can offer something new and exciting. Whether you have ideas on new fundraising techniques, ways to appear more visible in the media or how better to run the administration, creativity is always welcomed.

Charity work is always evolving with new crises to deal with and new challenges to face. In our ever changing world there are always some new techniques we can adapt or platforms for increasing awareness we can use. So be prepared to learn and evolve too. Be open to advice from others and offer appreciation for any help given.

If working for your chosen charity means interfacing with the general public then personal skills are going to be essential as is the need to show compassion and be able to relate to different people on different levels.

Certain customer service skills could also be a factor and it is therefore important for softer more subtle skills which are difficult to be taught and usually ingrained in your personality or learnt through years of social interaction through school, college and university (tone of voice, listening skills and understanding to name just a few).

A job, whether it be seasonal, part time, full time or voluntary, in the charity industry is challenging yet rewarding and is possibly one of the most diverse out there, however one or more of these traits highlighted will certainly stand you in good stead. Flow Cartias is one such recruitment agency that is a platform for different charity jobs.  

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