Five Ways to Jump Off the Unemployment Carousel

By steve gott

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One of the key issues that many unemployed people worry about in addition to the obvious concerns about a lack of income, is the fact that a long gap in their CV between jobs will not reflect well on them in their quest to get new work.

Your aim is obviously to jump off the unemployment carousel as quickly as possible and get a job as soon as you can, so here are five ways that you can achieve that goal.


Take a temporary assignment

A recruitment company that fills positions for jobs in Stockport offered sensible advice in pointing out that showing a willingness to take on an assignment even if it is temporary, will demonstrate a good work ethic and help to keep the gaps in work to a minimum.

There are a number of other positives to consider also when you take a temporary job, the main one being that more often than not, if the company are hiring then your chance to shine whilst you work there could earn you the offer of a full time position if and when one becomes available.


Learn new skills

Take a positive approach to a period of unemployment and use the opportunity of having a few spare weeks available to learn some new skills or update your existing ones. There are numerous courses that you could consider taking which could give a boost to your CV and open up new employment opportunities at the same time.

Being able to demonstrate a greater level of technical ability and competence is always going to stand you in good stead and it shows that you have an aptitude for learning new skills which reflects well with potential employers.


Voluntary work

The vast majority of HR managers are of the opinion that seeing someone take on voluntary work is a very positive and marketable attribute. It demonstrates that you have a passion for something and also shows potential employers that money is not your key motivation.

Potential employers tend to view people who have undertaken voluntary in a very positive light and consider that it shows you have character and integrity, so consider doing some voluntary work as it will make you feel valued while you are unemployed and boost your chances of getting work as well.


Consider a professional blog

We are in an internet age and therefore new ideas to market yourself are available that weren’t there before, and a professional blog is a good way of networking and advertising your services and availability online.

When you set up and run your own professional blog it conveys the message that you are an expert in your chosen industry and shows that you have a good level of initiative, which is an attractive quality for a potential employer.


Follow up

Roughly 70% of applicants who submit their CV and never follow up with an enquiry afterwards. There is obviously a danger of making a nuisance of yourself by calling too soon after you have submitted your application but if there is a deadline date or you were told to expect a response within a certain timeframe, then it is perfectly acceptable to call and follow up if you have not heard after that deadline has elapsed.

Even a hand written follow up note will get you noticed and show that you want the job and help you to stand out from the crowd.

Put any or all of these tips into action and you could be very shortly jumping off that unemployment carousel and into a new job.


Steven Pearson has extensive experience as an employment consultant. His articles mainly appear on recruitment sites.

Image Credit: Stig Nygaard


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